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Neraeos, God of the Sea
Realm the Seas
Symbols the hippocampus
Relatives Caspian (father)

Kastalia (daughter)

Allies Ourania
Enemies Vastar
Order Name The Nerai
Temples Temple of the Sea, in Riparium

Tower of the Blue Abyss, in Tasur'ke

Neraeos, God of the Sea, is the Lord of the wine-dark sea and Master of Flowing Waters. He is at times cold and placid, yet He can be driven to great passions, for good or for ill. The fickle, tempestuous sea reflects His moods, the waters an extension of His will.


He is the child of Lord Caspian and an unknown mother. As a Demigod, He fought in the War of Humanity, leading a legion of triton warriors against the Triumvirate. He returned to watch over the sentient beings of the undersea after the battle on Nishnatoba had ended. Many centuries later, Neraeos emerged to discover that His father Caspian, then God of the Sea, was bound and pinned beneath His own trident by the will of Sarapis, the Logos. As Neraeos attempted to free His father, Lord Caspian's essence flowed through the Trident of the Seas and into Neraeos, filling Him with power. Lord Caspian crumbled and Lord Neraeos arose as the new God of the Sea.

The Nerai

The religion of the Sea practised by the Nerai, faithful followers of Lord Neraeos sometimes called Oceanwalkers, is also a dominant religion of the tritons and merfolk that inhabit the seas and oceans of Achaea. This religion is based on the Nine Virtues of the Path of Equilibrium. These virtues are Duty, Passion, Reason, Vigilance, Pride, Humility, Respect, Strength and Excellence. Applying these virtues to all aspects of life is the province of the Nerai and all followers of Lord Neraeos.

Divine Symbols

The Divine symbol of Neraeos is the hippocampus.