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Sartan, the Malevolent
Realm Evil
Symbols a black hand crushing a dying sun
Relatives None
Allies Keresis (dead) and Indrani (dead) and Thoth (dead)
Enemies Pentharian (dead), Tarah (dead), Lorielan, Mithraea (dead), Deucalion, Aurora, Babel, and Aegis
Order Name The Black Hand
Temples The Ziggurat of Malignancy

Sartan, the Malevolent is the divine embodiment of Evil, the fusion of the Elder God Shaitan and the God Apollyon.

While Shaitan was created early in the history of Creation by Ayar, Apollyon was born—along with Aurora—from a celestial event involving the Morning Star. Shaitan attacked and absorbed the Divine essence of Apollyon almost at once, declaring Himself born anew as Sartan, God of Evil.

As Sartan, the merciless Overlord founded His Seven Truths of Evil, with which He commands His faithful from the mountain city-fortress of Mhaldor.


Circa 326 AF, Sartan kidnapped the child-God Pandemonium, son of Eris, Goddess of Chaos, and Aegis, God of War. Sartan then bound Him in the fissure beneath Mhaldor, an act that catalyzed the War of the Divine Child.

Decades later, in Scarlatan of 396 AF, with the assistance of Keresis, Goddess of Vengeance, Sartan split His essence back into those of the original two Gods, Shaitan and Apollyon, to better oversee the spread of Evil.

Following the apparent death of Apollyon at the hands of Pentharian in 611, Shaitan reabsorbed His brother's essence to become reborn as Sartan, the Malevolent once more.

Sartan wields the mighty Sword of Damocles and the Blade of Perdition.