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Template:House infobox Promoting the concept of "Unity through Respect, Competence through Diligence", the Ashura resided within the monastery of Ashtan. Above all else, they sought absolute perfection through the unity of mind, body, and spirit.


Fed up with pacifist tendencies of their comrades, Tranquility and a group of other Kharon warrior-monks--Skarash, Kindral, Aedessi--finally left the village of Hashan, never quite getting along with its leadership, and returned to Ashtan, their original home. All was forgiven as this was a critical time in the city's modern history and great warriors were direly missed. The law that had forced Tranquility out was immediately declared null and in the year 267 AF, with the blessing of the God of War, they formed the Ashuran monks, named after and ever loyal to Ashtan. Building a new monastery atop the foundations of the old Kharon guildhall on the historic hill of the Cyclade, they soon became known for excellence in the field of combat.

Political History


267 AF - Founding Patron, Lord Aegis.
317 AF - Lady Demeter replaced Lord Aegis.
355 AF - Lord Matsuhama replaced Lady Demeter.
395 AF - Lord Aegis replaced Lord Matsuhama.
502 AF - Lord Vastar replaced Lord Aegis.
529 AF - Lord Babel replaced Lord Vastar.
??? AF - Lady Selene replaced Lord Babel.
??? AF - Lord Matsuhama replaced Lady Selene.
??? AF - LadyOurania replaced Lord Matsuhama.
602 AF - Lord Babel replaced Lady Ourania.
??? AF - Lord Vastar replaced Lord Babel.

Leadership - Guildmasters

267 AF - Founder: Tranquility
278 AF - Enoc replaced Tranquility as Guildmaster, Tranquility stepped down.
293 AF - Sunrise replaced Enoc as Guildmaster.
312 AF - Shusen replaced Sunrise as Guildmaster.
328 AF - Ryukishi replaced Shusen as Guildmaster.
350 AF - Galrog replaced Ryukishi as Guildmaster.
361 AF - Revelation replaced Galrog as Guildmaster.
375 AF - Rennyn replaced Revelation as Guildmaster.

Leadership - Archdragons

412 AF - First Archdragon of the Ashura: Zircon
429 AF - Skarash replaced Zircon as the Archdragon.
460 AF - Gaetano replaced Skarash as the Archdragon.
497 AF - Eliana replaced Gaetano as the Archdragon.
505 AF - Rennyn replaced Eliana as the Archdragon.
508 AF - Katalyst replaced Rennyn as the Archdragon.
521 AF - Ignika replaced Katalyst as the Archdragon.
528 AF - Deladan replaced Ignika as the Archdragon.
534 AF - Kest replaced Deladan as the Archdragon.
542 AF - Thi replaced Kest as the Archdragon.
556 AF - Quazzi replaced Thi as the Archdragon.
586 AF - Isis replaced Quazzi as the Archdragon.
615 AF - Mizik replaced Isis as the Archdragon.
632 AF - Nemutaur replaced Mizik as the Archdragon.
654 AF - Kross replaced Nemutaur as the Archdragon.
691 AF - Klendathu replaced Kross as the Archdragon.

Icon History

??? AF - The Dragon's Eye was raised.
440 AF - The icon was destroyed by Mhaldorian forces.
463 AF - The icon was raised once more.


Sensei Naxanon resided within the dojo of the Ashura, existing as their tutor.

Miyada, a retired Stormshaper, lived within the monastery, and served as the house merchant.