House of the Templars

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House of the Templars
Leader None
Patron Miramar, the Even-handed
Leadership Style Elected Autocracy
Founder Gawain
City Shallam
Classes Permitted Paladin and Runewarden
House Tutor Talarna
Heraldric Arms Azure, a pair of swords in saltire Argent
Icon The Dragon Sceptre (destroyed)

The House of the Templars, formerly known as the Paladins Guild and the Guardians of Light, the latter revitalized through the efforts of the Archangel Xadaphon Adoh, made their home in the Chrysalis Basilica. The strong arm of the Holy Church of Achaea, their ways were mostly martial and they required at least basic skills in combat from their members before they allowed them to advance. The Templars were devoted to the ideals of Good, Light, Righteousness and Valour through the House Honour Code, requiring of them Courtesy, Prowess, Justice, Loyalty, Courage, Humility, Faith, and Nobility.


The Templars had a long and rich history. Founded by Sir Gawain in 174 AF under the original name of The Templars Guild, they wielded Bladefire with such strength and deadliness that the skill was eventually taken away by the will of the Logos, Who cited that it had proven much too powerful for mortal hands. The Templars received Forging as a replacement and were able to make their own weapons and armour.

Fall of Shallam and the end of the House of the Templars

Shallam was destroyed by the forces of Bal'met in Phaestian of 612, sinking into the depths of the Lemnian Sea. The House the Templars was destroyed along with the rest of the City of Light though some former Templars continue to uphold their oaths to their destroyed House.

Political History


206 AF - Lady Gaia became the first Patron of the House of the Templars.
209 AF - Lady Aurora replaced Lady Gaia.
261 AF - Lord Pentharian replaced Lady Aurora.
276 AF - Lord Sartan replaced Lord Pentharian.
276 AF - Lord Pentharian replaced Lord Sartan.
339 AF - Lady Lorielan replaced Lord Pentharian.
367 AF - Lady Tarah replaced Lady Lorielan.
420 AF - Lady Lorielan replaced Lady Tarah.
447 AF - Lord Pentharian replaced Lady Lorielan.
543 AF - Lady Miramar replaced Lord Pentharian.
614 AF - Lady Aurora became the first patron of the Templar Legion

Leadership - Guildmasters

174 AF - Founder: Gawain
197 AF - Agamemnon replaced Gawain as Guildmaster.
209 AF - Isildur replaced Agamemnon as Guildmaster.
213 AF - Jaxamine replaced Isildur as Guildmaster.
218 AF - Isildur replaced Jaxamine as Guildmaster.
228 AF - Pierce replaced Isildur as Guildmaster.
238 AF - Zaklin replaced Pierce as Guildmaster.
245 AF - Warmaster replaced Zaklin as Guildmaster.
249 AF - Perseus replaced Warmaster as Guildmaster.
255 AF - Aldair replaced Perseus as Guildmaster.
265 AF - Yeshua replaced Aldair as Guildmaster.
269 AF - Seosamh replaced Yeshua as Guildmaster.
273 AF - Caerid replaced Seosamh as Guildmaster.
276 AF - Brinn replaced Caerid as Guildmaster.
278 AF - Aldair replaced Brinn as Guildmaster.
294 AF - Brandilar replaced Aldair as Guildmaster.
318 AF - Viran replaced Brandilar as Guildmaster.
329 AF - Trenia replaced Viran as Guildmaster.
344 AF - Baldazar replaced Trenia as Guildmaster.
368 AF - Gaidel replaced Baldazar as Guildmaster.
373 AF - Viran replaced Gaidel as Guildmaster.
387 AF - Lereas replaced Viran as Guildmaster.

Leadership - Grand Champions of the Innocent

387 AF - First Grand Champion of the Innocent: Lereas
399 AF - Itkovian replaced Lereas as the Grand Champion of the Innocent.
414 AF - Fonetic replaced Itkovian as the Grand Champion of the Innocent.
451 AF - Nakoruru replaced Fonetic as the Grand Champion of the Innocent.
480 AF - Alban replaced Nakoruru as the Grand Champion of the Innocent.
486 AF - Antonius replaced Alban as the Grand Champion of the Innocent.
488 AF - Aaseth replaced Antonius as the Grand Champion of the Innocent.
539 AF - Draekar replaced Aaseth as the Grand Champion of the Innocent.
598 AF - Achilles replaced Draekar as the last Grand Champion of the Innocent.

Icon History

??? AF - The Dragon Sceptre was raised.
??? AF - The icon was destroyed by Mhaldorian forces.


Residing within the estate of the Templars was Lady Talarna, who existed as their house tutor.

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