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Phaestus, the Smith
Realm Crafting, Dwarves
Symbols Hammer of Phaestus
Relatives None
Allies Sarapis, Daedalus
Enemies Babel, Pandemonium
Order Name Phaesteans
Temples Vashnar Mountains, Inbhir Ness

Phaestus, the Smith, is the Lord of the Mountains, the Father of the Dwarves and the Sculptor of the Earth.


At the dawn of Creation, Phaestus aided Proteus in crafting the innumerable planets and in sculpting the beings that would dwell within their myriad landscapes. Together, They touched on the secret of consciousness, and laid the foundations for life. As a gift to the mortals, Phaestus blessed them with the ability to create for themselves using the resources surrounding them.

Phaestus is father to one specific race; the sole creator of the dwarvenkind. The Smith first used them as intelligent tools and companions as, at that point, they were nothing more than complex machinery. Unable to grant them self-consciousness alone, Phaestus eventually pledged His eternal loyalty to Proteus at the beginning of the War of Humanity in exchange for their free will.

Phaestus once spent 100 years inside the temporary form of Norfan Bladeshaper.

An example of Phaestus' capability comes in the form of a gift to Pandora, Goddess of Mischief. He crafted Her a new hand after Her own was lost due to being fused with the Caduceus of Castigation, a relic belonging to Sarapis.

The Phaesteans

Particularly worshipped by craftsmen, artisans, and honest labourers of all professions, Phaestus' chosen unite in endeavouring to improve the lives of those around them through their talents. Further, they spread His word through the protection and preservation of all that He holds dear.

Divine Symbols

The holy symbols of Phaestus are the hammer and the forge.