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Aurora, the Lightbringer
Realm Light
Symbols the red phoenix, the gold eagle, the ivory dragon, and the scimitar.
Relatives None
Allies Deucalion
Enemies Babel, Sartan, Twilight
Order Name Aarash Kheyr
Temples Al Qalat

Aurora, the Lightbringer, is the Goddess of Light. Together with Deucalion, She guides the devout servants of Good. As the divine embodiment of Light, She seeks to allow clarity and truth to shine through the baleful shadows of Darkness, the rot of Evil, and the tainted stain of Chaos.


She was born from the coming of the Morning Star along with Apollyon, the Malefactor. Embraced as a goddess of Good by the Church, Her essence later came to be dispersed and taken up by other Gods.

In the year 613 AF, Lord Aeon, noticing the unraveling of time itself with the arrival of the rogue god Bal'met, broke His hourglass to release the stored sands of time. With the last of His power he summoned the goddess forward in time, allowing Her to lead the Divine pantheon in the defeat of Bal'met, the Worldreaver.

With the help of Her bloodsworn, Deucalion, the Righteous Fire, Aurora later created the city-state of Targossas, gathering up the scattered refugees of fallen Shallam to give them a new home and renewed purpose.

Aarash Kheyr

Little known about the inner workings of Her followers.

Divine Symbols

Little is known of Her divine symbols.

However, the Flame of Light is a relic of Lady Aurora and a golden humgii called Giles lives within Her temple.