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Realm Knowledge and Order
Symbols none
Relatives None
Allies none
Enemies Sartan, Twilight, Eris, Babel, Keresis, Aegis, Indrani
Order Name the Samatha
Temples Siorraidh, in the Shamtota Hills

Lorielan, the Jade Empress holds the domain as Goddess of Knowledge, and was a member of the esteemed Te'Serra Alliance.


Lorielan is one of the Elder Gods from the early days of Creation. She took no realm and was loved by Proteus, leader of the Elder Gods. During the War of Humanity, She plotted with Khalas and Agatheis to overthrow Proteus. When Their Triumvirate failed, Lorielan was sentenced to exile in the Crystal Plane, where She ruled for three millennia as the Jade Empress. In the Modern Age, Lorielan repented of Her sins and was forgiven by Sarapis, Who allowed Her to leave the Crystal Plane. She became the Goddess of Knowledge.

At some point, the Goddess once again returned to the Crystal Plane and its Kx'Khrah people. During Her stay there, She became dissatisfied with the neutrality and moral ambiguity of that realm; She no longer wished to merely accumulate knowledge and turned Her focus instead on analysing and using the information She had attained. Her time spent in introspection gave Her a desire to ensure Knowledge was being used to benefit others. This has created a natural alliance between Her ideals and the concepts of Light, Righteousness, and Virtue. To this end She later emerged with the epithet 'the Enlightened'.

In the year 476 AF, She returned from the Crystal Plane, concerned by the rebirth of Babel and the subsequent resurgence of Chaos in Achaea. Despite having returned, She maintained aloof to ideologies dissimilar to Hers - although adventurers who are both intelligent and deeply devoted to Good were able to gain the Lady's notice.

Around the turn of the 7th century the blight of Babel reached to the crystal realm and Lorielan travelled there to turn it aside for a time. She was not heard from for many years.

With the rise of Bal'met and the deaths of Her colleagues in 610, Lorielan soon became the last Divine of the Te'Serra Alliance. A Shallamese summoning ritual in Siorraidh saw Her brief appearance, but their cries for aid against the rogue God fell on deaf ears. Before the supplicants she named Herself Jade Empress once more, renounced Her ties to them, dissolved Her Samadhi Order, and abandoned them to their fates.

The Jade Empress surprised Achaea with Her return in 666AF. She reclaimed dominion over the realm of Knowledge and knowledge-seeking, founding the Samatha Order to ensure its studious pursuit.

In 805, Lorielan appeared at a debate for the Worlds' Fair along with Her fellow Elder, Lord Twilight, in a surprise to all onlookers. She made the case that Her punishment regarding the Triumvirate's actions was just. Notably at this time was the presence of many Divine felt throughout the land - Neraeos, Vastar, and Aegis were also in the realms then.

The Samatha

The Samatha is the devout order of those sworn to the Jade Empress, but little is known of them outside of Samathan circles.

Divine Symbols

The symbol of the Lady Lorielan is a looped ribbon undergoing a half-twist.