Ivory Rose

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Nestled within a crumbling expanse of monastic ruins on Nishnatoba, the Ivory Rose, Icon of the Sentaari, sprouted from the height of a twelve-foot tall column. The enormous rose was fashioned from pristine ivory, the slender thorn laden stem rising up towards a large unfolding blossom at its apex. Paper-thin opaque petals were delicately etched with fine life-like veins and collected small droplets of dew upon their surface. The pillar itself was octangular in shape, tapered at the top to form the pedestal for the Icon. Constructed of white marble veined with blue and silver, the eight sides only bore small, foot tall insets at the base. Gilt accented images depicted the image of the Tiger, the Praying Mantis, the Scorpion, and the Dragon, with a small indistinct humanoid juxtaposed between them in various meditation poses.

The Ivory Rose was toppled and shattered by Mhaldorian forces, leaving the ruins barren and empty.