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Deucalion, the Righteous Fire
Realm Righteousness
Symbols the pyre
Relatives None
Allies Aurora
Enemies Babel, Twilight, Sartan
Order Name Caefir Conlaodh
Temples Cloisters of Righteousness

Deucalion, the Righteous Fire is the God of Righteousness. Together with Aurora, He watches over the devout servants of Good.


Originally, His name was Dunamis, which means "The Justice that Was" in the language of the Aldar. Dunamis was contacted, through extensive prayer and meditation, by Tassad Baraslan, a newly appointed secretary of the modern Holy Church of Achaea. Tassad learned that the spirit was unable to leave the plane upon which he was imprisoned without releasing vast quantities of chaos throughout Creation, something Dunamis did not wish to happen. After months of thought and prayer, Tassad discovered a means to take Dunamis' place on this plane of Order by way of ritual. He sacrificed himself in the process. Upon Dunamis's arrival on the Prime Material Plane, Sarapis raised him to godhood, renaming Him Deucalion, which translates as "The Justice that Is."

Deucalion went on to patron the Holy Church with Aurora, bestowing the Holy Codex upon the fledgling congregation to serve as enduring guidance for life, spirit, and daily conduct. A scant half century later His essence was dispersed when He sacrificed Himself to contain the life-destroying explosion from the Death's Heart. In 261 AF, Maran La'Saen, the Sultan of Shallam and earstwhile guildmaster of the Priests Guild, sacrificed himself in an attempt to resurrect Him. Although unsuccessful, the Gods honoured Maran's selfless act and his soul was joined with the remaining essence of Deucalion to become Pentharian, God of Righteousness.

In 612 AF, Shallam fell to the forces of Bal'met the Worldreaver. Through the prayers of the faithful, and the newly recovered Sword of Dunamis, Deucalion was summoned back from the void. He and Aurora now watch over Good and battle the forces of Chaos, Darkness, and Evil, Their power commingled by Their bloodswearing.

Caefir Conlaodh

Little is known of the followers of Deucalion.

Divine Symbols

The Lord of the Righteous Fire takes the pyre as His divine symbol.