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Babel, God of Oblivion
Realm Oblivion
Symbols the Flame-Bright Spear, the Iron Crown, the Sign of the Twin
Relatives None
Allies Ourania
Enemies Phaestus, Deucalion, Aurora
Order Name the Cult of Babel
Temples Caverns of Enheduanna

Babel, God of Oblivion claims dominion over the realm of Chaos. He teaches that, since the Unnamable broke into Creation, existence itself has spiralled inevitably towards a perfect singularity, where all are one with the primal void. The acceptance of this destined end is accompanied by a refusal to be bound by external morals. Freedom of thought and action are paramount to Him, for why place importance in such ephemeral and impermanent ideals?


The first act of Lord Sarapis at the outset of the Chaos Wars was to create Lord Babel, Patron of those who seek Chaos. Caught for aeons in the mysteries of Chaos and Creation, little was heard of Babel on the Prime Material Plane save for terrible whispers caught by the Revolutionaries of Chaos. A small cult headed by visionary Flair Ze'Dekiah, the Revolutionaries zealously sought the return of the ancient god. In the 475th year following the fall of the Seleucarian Empire, the cult succeeded. Rumblings of Chaos disturbed the realms as an enormous seal etched with occult markings was revealed in the bowels of the Great Rock. By the closing of the year, it was shattered. Showing Himself to mortals for the first time in centuries, Babel emerged from beyond the seal and was immediately set upon by Eris. Draining Him of His essence, She cast Herself back through time to the emergence of the Unnamable Horror and stepped wholly beyond existence as we know it. Paradoxically, back in the present, Babel reclaimed His place as God of Chaos.

The Cult of Babel

Little is known about the mysterious cult that remains devoted to Babel, except perhaps the location of the temple within which they perform their sacred duty.

Divine Symbols

Babel makes claim to the sign of the Twin, the third eye, the iron crown, and the flaming spear.