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Prospero, the Merchant Lord
Realm Wealth
Symbols A gleaming circlet of silver and gold
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies None
Order Name Order of Prosperity
Temples The Prosperian Bazaar

Prospero, the Merchant Lord, is the God of Wealth and is an esteemed Elder God. Well-known for His sumptous feasts and generous gifts, Prospero stores His valuables within His vault on the Isle of Delos. A motley assortment of strange and fabulous market stalls bearing exclusive and exotic wares make up His Prosperian Bazaar. Provided the price is right, nearly anything can be purchased from the cluttered shops.


There is no notable history for Prospero.

The Order of Prosperity

Followers of Prospero share His intense passion for the finer things in life and can often be found gleefully and adeptly haggling with the shopkeepers in the Bazaar. They are generally considered to be the shrewdest businessmen in Sapience.

Divine Symbols

The holy symbol of Prospero is a gleaming circlet of silver and gold.