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Twilight Trismegistus, God of Darkness
Realm Darkness
Symbols A pair of glowing red eyes surrounded by darkness, the shadowy owl, lamens
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies Aurora, Deucalion
Order Name The Darkwalkers
Temples The Temple of Darkness in Darkenwood (destroyed), the Shadow Realms

Twilight, the Dark Father is the God of Darkness and an esteemed Elder God. Wreathed in the Shadows of the Infinite Living Mind and the understanding wisdom of Being, Knowing, and Doing, the Lord Twilight Trismegistus gazes out into the world from the ever present primordial beginning. The Thrice Great Lord arms His followers with the "knowing" of Manipulation, Strife, Intrigue, Deception, Lies, and Mysteries. This "knowing" balances the "being" of the One Mind and the "doing" of the One Thing. This profound truth has enabled His children to live "in this world, but not of this world." His philosophy allows each to seek and forge their own path of Existence as part of the One.


Twilight fought in the Chaos Wars, and upon His return to the Prime He claimed a piece of the Oceans as His own, and named it Nocturne's Reach.

His interference with the angelic bond of the priests of Sapience drew the ire of Celestia and the Te'Serra Alliance in the mid-6th century. The Obelisk of Darkness was obliterated by the followers of Miramar by magical ritual in the 570s, while Shallamese forces encroached upon His hold on the Darkenwood. Parts of the forest began to burn before He agreed to release His influence on the passage between planes, ending the conflict between Light and Darkness.

The Darkwalkers

Twilight's followers, like the Lord Himself, reach for the empyrean whilst simultaneously grounding themselves in the mundane. Those who would realise their place as part of this Great Work will find haven and a family beneath His obfuscating wings. Those who have eyes to see, LOOK. Those who have ears to hear, LISTEN.

Divine Symbols

The holy symbols of Twilight are a pair of glowing red eyes surrounded by darkness, the shadowy owl and lamens.