Sylvanic Fellowship

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The Sylvanic Fellowship
Leader None
Patron Valnurana, Goddess of Sleep and Dreams
Leadership Style Elected Autocracy
Founder Krel Kalvar
City Eleusis
Classes Permitted Sylvan, Magi, Bard, Shaman and Blademaster
House Tutor Naylu
Heraldric Arms Quarterly Sanguine and Vert, a quatrefoil Or
Icon The Viridian Tome

This page is about the House. For other uses, please see Sylvans (disambiguation).

The Sylvanic Fellowship was a House within the village of Eleusis. Like their forestal brethren, the Druids and Sentinels, the Sylvans made Nature their priority in all things, and dedicated themselves to the protection and preservation of such, knowing that it was Nature that sustained and succored all through their lives. They also recognised that even Nature had a root and a purpose, as do all things in existence; thus they strived to learn and understand the causes, effects, and meanings hidden within everything that existed.

Around the Year 678AF, the Ventos Allegos, a minion of Lady Lorielan, destroyed all the Icons ending with the fall of the the Stag Crown. When the Sentinels Icon fell the Ventos Allegos travelled trough the Shadow Icon to the Eastern Ithmia. With the presence of Ventos Allegos being to much for the forest and Eleusis, the trees and woods began to become distorted. Awaken from her slumber by the arrival of the Ventos Allegos, Lady Artemis along with Lady Gaia combined there powers to rejuvenate the forest and removed the Ventos Allegos. With the surge of Natural energy, the trees and plants began to heal along with the trees of the the Three Great Forestal Houses, of which they then became no more.


The organisation was originally founded in 329 AF as the Sylvans guild, a fusion between Druids and Magi.

Political History


329 AF - Lady Demeter was the Sylvans' founding patron.
343 AF - Lord Neraeos replaced Lady Demeter.
426 AF - Lord Vastar replaced Lord Neraeos.
442 AF - Lady Valnurana replaced Lord Vastar.

Leadership - Guildmasters

329 AF - Founder: Krel.
354 AF - Ainia replaced Krel as Guildmaster.

Leadership - The Voices of the Earth

406 AF - First Voice of the Earth: Ainia.
435 AF - Oenone replaced Ainia as the Voice of the Earth.
456 AF - Sahirah replaced Oenone as the Voice of the Earth.
489 AF - Aislynn replaced Sahirah as the Voice of the Earth.
494 AF - Ashadra replaced Aislynn as the Voice of the Earth.
595 AF - Lucine replaced Ashadra as the Voice of the Earth.
642 AF - Ainia replaced Lucine as the Voice of the Earth.
6xx AF - Yerf replaced Ainia as the Voice of the Earth.

Icon History

??? AF - The Viridian Tome was raised.
??? AF - The icon was destroyed by Mhaldorian forces.
??? AF - The icon was raised once more.
606 AF - The icon was destroyed by Ashtani forces.
618 AF - The icon was raised once more.


Secluded within the giant trunk that composed the Sylvanic estate was Naylu, the House tutor.