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This page is about the species. For other uses, please see Serpents (disambiguation).

Snakes are a common sight in Achaea found in many parts of the world. They are found in a variety of locations and are also part of a number of different quests.

Snakes around Achaea

The following is a list of locations of snakes and their species within Sapience.

Black Forest
Wood vipers
Belladona's Keep
Marsh vipers
Creville Asylum
Massive rat snakes
Dakhota Hills
Stitched adders
Barony of Dun Valley
Water snakes, poisonous snakes
Eastern Shore
Small sand boas
Fissure of Echoes
Glacial windvipers
Green Lake
Grukai Swamp
Multicoloured boa constrictors
Istar Jungle
Flying vipers, boalisks
Lake Dakhota
Stitched adders
Lupine Hunting Grounds
Horned snakes, pythons, vipers, ebony snakes, diamond-back rattlesnakes
Mhojave Desert
Rattlesnakes, sidewinders (See also: Concoctions)
Qurnok Village
Moccasins, anacondas
Siroccian Mountains
Flying treesnakes
Rainbow boas, cat-eyed snakes, and vine snakes
Red-banded cobras
Zaphar Isle
Rattlesnakes and tree snakes

Snakes In Other Locales

Snakes inhabit other areas as well, such as on the distant continent of Meropis.

Asterian Peninsula
Horned vipers
River Mnemosyne
Slithering black mambas
Northern Atrousian Jungle
Reticulated pythons
Grukai Swamp
Enormous anacondas
Pri'alysh Moor
Striped adders

Snake Hybrids

There are a few denizen populations which are at least partly snake in appearance. From the half-human Ophidians of the Great Rock to the Dyissans of Delmarin and the Qui'sas of Thera, they represent a mutated off-shoot of humanity with serpentine characteristics possibly going back to Loki and Ekanel.


Most known as loyals of those of the Serpent class as part of the skill of subterfuge.

Each House formerly bred different species of snake.

The Naga
death adders
Cult of the Serpent Lords
green eye lash vipers
The Dawnstriders
mottled desert asps
black cobras
brown-grey rattlesnakes

With the advent of the House Renaissance, now cities can breed unique snakes. All of them afflict with Loki.

arboreal wood snakes
death adders


Snake symbolism is not uncommon in the philosophies of some of the darker Divine Orders. In this context, the serpent symbol usually represents secrecy, wisdom, cunning, or guile.

For instance, the Divine symbol of Keresis, Goddess of Vengeance was a sword pointing down with a large python twisting around the blade and a crow perched upon the pommel, a symbol also found on Her shrines. The Goddess also owned a pet python named Pytho.

Similarly, the Divine symbol of Ourania, Goddess of the Moon is that of a waxing crescent moon surrounded by seven stars, above a tree of crystal with a white python wrapped about its trunk on a field of black.

Finally, the symbols of Indrani, Lady of Sin included a hooded serpent.