Atrousian Jungle

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The Atrousian Jungle covers a significant portion of the land west of the Vasnari Mountains, and is segmented into three parts—the Northern, Central, and Southern Atrousian Jungles—by the roads that cross the continent of Meropis. Ominous and ever-expanding, the jungle has spent centuries in isolation, with only a handful of small communities dwelling within its borders, and has reclaimed the ruins of many a city or village over the years.

Flora and Fauna

The life of the liana-strewn Atrousian jungles is extremely diverse, from its water buffaloes to its crocodiles, clouded leopards, gibbons, mamba snakes, several species of tree frogs, piranha and other river fish, a rainbow of butterflies, a cornucopia of birds like hornbills, piculets, parrots, mynah birds, macaws, and feral chickens. Several dozen types of trees call the jungles home, from the denpten trees to the tropical pines, banyan, bamboo, cecoprias, durians, fig trees, fireheart trees, hollocks trees, jackfruit trees, jambu trees, kapok trees, locust leaf, mango trees, palms, monkeypot bushes, mangroves, as well as vegetation endemic to other jungles such as cacao, kuzu, kola, and skullcap. Many types of fruit can be picked from the graceful boughs, like calabash, macambillo, bulyandi fruit, maltarine berries, and crabfruit.