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This article is about the religious structures. For other uses, please see Shrine (disambiguation).

Shrines, usually statues or monuments to certain Deities of Achaea, are found on nearly all continents and planes. Offerings of gold or corpses may be offered at a shrine to increase the essence pool of the God, which in turn allows Order members to perform such tasks as worldburning their enemies and healing their Order members.

Once a shrine is erected by a member of a Divine Order of sufficient rank, it must be sanctified with offerings. Through the process of sanctification, it will undergo several physical changes from a crude, dormant shrine into a large, powerful one.

Shrines may be destroyed by the act of defiling. A vast amount of essence is required to destroy a shrine utterly, but doing so successfully will, in turn, cost the Divine essence. Each Divine is said to have a Master Shrine. Usually found within the safety of the God's temple, the Master Shrine cannot be destroyed through normal means.

In the year 725 AF, a new type of shrine a shrine to the meld is so far not able to be sanctified or defiled.