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Leader Djulsan, King of Zanzibaar
Discoverer Delphinus Windancer, Jaizsur Ta'sa, Tiax Drac'Kal, Kaise Le'rac, Kriby, Misty Ta'sa, and Istiria Aristata
Exports fruits, tea, spices, perfume, incense

The isle of Zanzibaar is a wealthy tropical nation situated between the Lemnian Sea and the Notic Ocean.


In ancient times, the island kingdom of Zanzibaar was quite famous to Sapient and seafarer alike. The neighbouring city-state of Shallam maintained amicable trade relations, purchasing vast quantities of spices and other goods from the exotic land, and for this Shallam named its market district "Zanzibaar Street." Throughout the Modern Age, however, Zanzibaar's exotic wares were not enough to keep it from obscurity among the land-bound populace of Sapience.

With the introduction of the first adventuring ships, horizons began to broaden again. On Miraman 22, 461 AF, the maiden voyages of the first five production-model Thalassian seastriders set out from the port of Tasur'ke. The Queen Himalia and crew sighted land the following afternoon, coming into port and reestablishing Baarian relations with the peoples of Sapience once more.


Zanzibaar sits between Lemnian and Notic waters: east of New Hope, south of the Ulangi Isles, and southeast of the ruins of Shallam. The isle is dominated by dense, low-lying jungle thickets that push right up to the main walls of the city, interspersed with the occasional spice plantation, and the shadowy growth provides a refuge for such elusive creatures as the Baarian tiger. White beaches and sand bars crop up in the narrow channels between the kingdom's islets. In the waters to the southeast, the Phocian Reaches ensure a near-constant tritonic presence.


Owing largely to its place as a nexus of commerce from nations the world over, the kingdom of Zanzibaar enjoys a comfortable level of wealth and luxury. The large mercantile population has allowed for a sizeable middle class to develop, and the spices produced in its local plantations are prized so that even the agricultural sector does not want for gold. This exposure to all manner of cultures has nurtured a fairly cosmopolitan way of life. Central to the city is the palace of Zanzibaar, wherein foreign diplomats await audiences with the king amidst the intrigues of the royal court.

The people of the outer Baarian islets, a small, loosely scattered community of shamanists and dhow-makers, have maintained their spiritual roots and a more traditional way of life. While they follow the advice and guidance of their witchdoctor, believed to be a usurper by King Djulsan, the islanders nonetheless swear fealty to the Baarian king.

As with any city of substantial mercantile presence — and certainly given its spot on the Lemnian Sea — Zanzibaar is not without its fair share of crime. Thieves and pickpockets are common, though the royal guard often enlists help in prosecuting lesser criminals. A subtler, more organised threat is the sizeable smuggling ring that exports large quantities of merchandise beneath the tariffs of the Baarian port authority.


Hunting Guide

Zanzibaar Island outside the Palace with-in the walls

6 Palace Guards (crushingly strong)

4 Bare-chested Sailors (Ropes)(extraordinarily strong)

3 Burly Dockhands (Prones)(extraordinarily strong)

1 Aitroyo, the harbourmaster (Unkillable)(extraordinarily strong)

1 Red colobus (quiet confidence)

1 A Skulking Thief (extraordinarily strong)

1 Rafon (extraordinarily strong)

1 Ardiama (extraordinarily strong)

1 Bansilia, the henna tattooist (quite powerful)

1 Lyhana, a sweet little girl (not one to be trifled with)

1 Havden, a cheerful old man (quite powerful)

1 Oldion (extraordinarily strong)

1 The apothecary Yabbahar (takes equilibrium)(extraordinarily strong)

1 Silana, Siren of the Hoalanatha (Paralyzes) (quite powerful)

1 Rokhoso, chef of the Hoalanatha (extraordinarily strong)

1 Vadoor (quite powerful)

Total: 26

Zanzibaar Island inside the Palace

14 Palace Guards (crushingly strong)

9 Palace Servants (quite powerful)

1 Tiamenjiara, the court conjuror (Ropes)(sets ablaze)(crushingly strong)

1 Djulsan, King of Zanzibaar (crushingly strong)

1 Alsimhinda, Queen of Zanzibaar (Prones)(extraordinarily strong)

1 Fimsirun, a foreign prince (extraordinarily strong)

1 Akhadd, a visiting noble (Runs)(extraordinarily strong)

1 Makran, an island trader (crushingly strong)

1 Princess Qitala (Prones)(extraordinarily strong)

1 Prince Sindharkan (Prones)(quite powerful)

Total: 31

Zanzibaar Island - Outside the walls

8 Sea Nettle (quiet confidence)

8 Baarian Tiger (Stupidity)(extraordinarily strong)

8 A Banded Kestrel (appears to lack strength)

6 Silvery Scombra (appears to lack strength)

6 Sleek Mongoose (quiet confidence)

5 Spotted Porpoise (strong and confident)

4 Island Child (Runs)(disrupts equilibrium)(quiet confidence)

4 Island Woman (extraordinarily strong)

3 Giant Tortoise (extraordinarily strong)

3 Red-Banded Cobra (quiet confidence)

3 Ghost Crab (appears to lack strength)

3 Island Man (crushingly strong)

2 Islander in a dhow (extraordinarily strong)

1 Toqot (extraordinarily strong)

1 Abelsa (quite powerful)

1 Semmor, the dhow-maker (extraordinarily strong)

1 Yuskah, the witchdoctor (crushingly strong)

1 An Elusive Shapeshifter (High Damage)(air of extreme strength)

Total: 68

Hidden Area - ??

To reach the Island of Zanzibaar you will need to use a ship. When you first reach disembark from the ship you’ll be met with Dockhands and Sailors. Both are extraordinarily strong and the Dockhands will prone you and the Sailors will rope you. They will come to each other’s aid as most people on the island do.

If you head north you will enter the commerce area of the island. In this area you will find Oldion who is extraordinarily strong, Havden who is quite powerful, Bansilia who is quite powerful, Lyhana who is not one to be trifled with, Yabbahar who is extraordinarily strong and has the ability to disrupt your equilibrium, Ardiama is extraordinarily strong, Rafon who is extraordinarily strong, a skulking thief who is extraordinarily strong, and two palace guards who are crushingly strong.

If you head north and northwest you will come across the palace itself. Before entering the palace you can find Dockhands, Sailors, and two Palace guards. On entering the palace you will find 14 palace guards, 9 palace servants who are quite powerful, Tiamenjiara who ropes you, sets you on fire, and is extraordinarily strong, Djulsan who is crushingly strong, Alsimhinda who prones you and is extraordinarily strong, Fimsirun who is extraordinarily strong, Akhadd who runs and is extraordinarily strong, Makran who is crushingly strong, Princess Qitala who prones you and is extraordinarily strong and Prince Sindharkan who is prones you and is crushingly strong.

On leaving the palace heading west you’ll find 4 more palace guards as well as a ship called the Hoalanatha that has been turned into an eating establishment. Inside this establishment you will find Silana who paralyzes you and is extraordinarily strong, Rokhoso who is extraordinarily strong, and Vadoor who is quite powerful.

Outside the walls of the city you will find several forms of animal life, in the water, in the air and on land. In the water you will find 8 Sea Nettle who exude a quiet confidence, 8 silvery scombra who appear to lack strength, 5 spotted porpoise who are strong and confident. On land you will find 8 Baarian Tigers who cause stupidity and are extraordinarily strong, 6 sleek mongoose who exude a quiet confidence, 3 Giant Tortoise who are extraordinarily strong, 3 red-banded cobra who exude a quiet confidence, and 3 ghost crab that appear to lack strength. In the air you will find 8 banded Kestrel who appear to lack strength, of course to get to them you must be flying. There is also a shape shifter on the island who does an enormous amount of damage, and he has an air of extreme strength.

The first people you’ll encounter outside the city walls are Toqot who is extraordinarily strong and Abelsa who is quite powerful. In the water you’ll find 2 islander in a dhow who are extraordinarily strong. On land you’ll find Semmor who is extraordinarily strong, Yuskah who is crushingly strong, 3 island man who are crushingly strong, 4 island women who are extraordinarily strong, and 4 island children who run and disrupt equilibrium and exude a quiet confidence.

Things you’ll need: Health/Vitality vials Mana/Mentality, Waterwalking shoes/swimming, Focus/Goldenseal/Plumbum, Bloodroot/Magnesium, and to get the birds on the island you’ll need some way to fly, Mending/Renewal