Dun Valley

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Dun Valley
Leader Balam Agab (Fortress)
Talus (Cavemen)

Deep within the Western Vashnars, in the shadow of Dun Mountain, a trail leads down into the canopied jungle of Dun Valley. The valley was discovered in 250 AF during the Dun Valley Saga when Sapience pushed back invading ogre and orc forces who were under the command of the Tsol'teth Zh'risia and his ogre henchman Kroul.

At the very centre of the valley lies a massive volcano atop which the villages of Gar'nok and Thalagor, as well as the Dun Fortress, can be found. Dun Fortress is ruled by the ruthless ogre baron, Balam Agab.

Guarding the pass into the valley and patrolling the trail along its northern edge, adventurers will find aggressive mountain lions to be wary of. The jungle itself is a humid, steamy place teeming with wildlife, including opossum, tree frogs, jaguars, raccoons, gorillas, poisonous snakes, even a hippo and an elephant. A river runs through the jungle infested with piranhas, its source hidden within a cavern on the western side of the valley. At the end of its course, the river filters into a swamp where crocodiles and giant crabs may be found.

The winding trails and close vegetation of the valley creates an isolated environment for those who wish seclusion, and the exiles Tolonar and Kaanan can be found hiding in the valley. Students of the Rajamalan language may seek out Numenesse to further their knowledge. Near the source of the river lies a primitive village of cavemen led by their chieftain Talus. A commodity shop can be found nearby, stocking gold, silver, and bone.

The Barony of Dun Valley is also home to the Temple of the Cataclysm, which is guarded by Tane, the Emissary for Lady Artemis. Enirathe, the Anachaine Seer and Hanalai, a ragged cavewoman reside within the temple.