Creville Asylum

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Creville Asylum
Leader Screw-eye, the inmate superior
Founder Dr. Kortoxian
Discoverer Ellodin Azon, Azor Corso, Rocknar Axehand, and Kruellagh Aramar

Hidden deep within the Northern Vashnars just off of Mhaldor Isle, Creville Asylum is an ominous, sprawling research complex that had long since abandoned its purpose of treating the mentally infirm when it was rediscovered in 470 AF. Founded by the infamous Dr. Kortoxian, Creville once employed the finest doctors and nurses of Sapience within its limestone corridors, making it the leading institution for experimentation on how the brain works. However, whereas Creville was once run by doctors utilising the research centre to test their ground-breaking techniques on the insane and mentally unstable, it is now overrun by its crazed ex-patients, who terrorise their former caretakers as they haphazardly roam the blood-soaked halls which are infested with cockroaches and flies.

No longer accustomed to life outside the barred windows of Creville, the insane thus remain on asylum grounds as prisoners of both their own psychological volatility and the forbidding confines of the hospital building. Though now free of their padded holding cells, straitjackets, and gurneys, the unstable inhabitants have minds as tortured as ever, for the long-forgotten structure of Creville, complete with its brutal history and dismal secrets, continues to be a cruel mockery of freedom for the madmen residing within.


In addition to these named denizens, Creville is occupied by countless mental patients representing a variety of races and classes, as well as maltreated hospital staff - doctors, nurses, surgeons - and even the occasional drug dealer selling gleam.