Siroccian Mountains

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Formed by volcanic activity in ages past, the rugged Siroccian Mountains are located in central Sapience, bordered to the north and east by the Prelatorian and Raphaelan Highways, respectively. To the mountains' south lie the Shamtota and Putoran Hills.

Two of the more famous peaks in the range are Mount Sinope and Mount Callisto, named in honour of the twin children of Maya. Rising above these two is Mount Xevius, and higher still, the Shrine of Ascension. The temple of Aegis is found within this mountain range, as are a dwarven camp and an orcish outpost. Skunks, wolverines and treesnakes roam the Siroccian trails, which are littered with secret caverns and abandoned mines. Upon the slopes of the mountains can be found bushes of delicious blueberries, a fruit that originated from the Siroccians but has since spread to other mountain environments, as well as the shores of Lake Narcisse.