Lupine Hunting Grounds

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The Lupine Hunting Grounds are an extension to Lupus' Temple of the Hunt in the Northreach Forest. They are open to all adventurers, but even the most skilled hunters fear the fierce beasts that roam the Grounds.

A stronger cousin of the Aalen Forest basilisks stands sentinel in the forest, as snakes, lions, and a massive, brown boar roam the grasslands. The desert is populated by a giant red scorpion, hyenas, and a hardy jarbo, all of which are the greater kin of their respective Mhojave Desert equivalents. The mighty centaurs roam the hills and protect their elder priestess and colts. A playful, rude, and wild-eyed primate swings from the vines and trees of the jungle, and a weretigress dubbed "Penelope" by Lupus and His followers prowls below. Thaipan, master serpent can be found in the forest as well, the tall man and his pet snake threatening a painful, slow death to any adventurer brave enough to trifle with the deadly duo.

The heart of the Lupine Hunting Grounds is where the fell shewolf and her werewolf cubs make their den. Inside a hidden cave, a maze of webs populated by deadly silver spiders can be found. Beyond these webs lie the massive varkhas, gohlbrorns, and bainligors. One can find schools of piranhas swimming in the lake and large fire eels within the river. Sleek, black werepanthers, panthers - some with child - and irate mountain goats make their homes in the mountains.

The most bestial of all creatures prowl throughout the entire dominion of the Lupine Hunting Grounds. Fell werewolves are free to roam wherever they wish and thus appear in every area of the Grounds. These werewolves are devoted hunters, granted the gift of lycanthropy by Lupus Himself.