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The Isle of Ageiro
Discoverer Lynara, Quoren, Cristine and Celas
Exports gems, silk

Ageiro is mountainous island situated west of Sapience, rich in ore and home to races of living, metal beings.


The isle of Ageiro is a mountainous island located in the Sea of Terror. A ruined village can be found in the shadows of the mountains. Old, dark mining tunnels can be found at the heart of the island, where factions of malagmae live.


Giacinto came to the island long ago after an ethics debate with Hycanthus. Seeking a place to continue his studies of the nature of the world, he arrived on the island after a rough, storm-driven journey. Once he'd established himself, he convinced the original inhabitants to help him with his experiment; unfortunately, the ritual went horribly awry, leaving the island in its current metallic state.


Other unnamed malagmae of all four types inhabit the mines. Led by Avel, the golden malagmae reside in the northernmost branches. Sibalar and other silver malagmae live in the eastern part of the mines, while iron and copper malagmae mingle in the southern chambers.


The factions of malagmae dislike each other for some reason, although the copper and iron malagmae have set aside their differences to recognise their mutual dislike of Giacinto.

Flora and Fauna

As a result of a botched ritual, all fauna on the island are made of some form of metal. The plants have not suffered the same fate, and sagebrush, aloe, stackhousia and stock flowers flourish upon the mountainside. Karbaz goats, noted by the two spiralling horns growing from their foreheads and ending in sharp, pointed barbs, make their homes within the mountain areas of the island.