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A human Sylvan displaying her affinity for Nature.

As offspring of Maya, members of the human race are the product of the Aldar's rape by the Unnamable Horror.

The first humans were Sinope and Callisto, the two children spawned from this travesty. Born of divinity and chaos, the history of mortalkind is dominated by that of humanity, for they are the most vibrant of the races. The birth of their race sparked a war that set the very Gods against each other. Having survived this, the race has proven tenacious and enduring, and their inherent combination of chaos and order has led to their dominance in the lands.

Racial Specialisations

Specialisation Str Dex Con Int
Unspecialised 12 12 12 12
Man-at-arms 14 12 12 11
Rogue 12 14 11 12
Champion 12 11 14 12
Savant 11 12 12 14

Racial Skills

The Child of Ceylon have:

  • Higher chance for critical hits.
  • Chance of increased health sip gain.