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This page is about the class. For other uses, please see Serpents (disambiguation).

The Serpent class was one of the original classes available to adventurers at the beginning of the Modern Age, and its members have the skills of Subterfuge, Venom, and Hypnosis. Like Monk- and Magi-classed adventurers, Serpents did not have a single organisation at their disposal during the Era of Guilds, but several.

Some of the more notable Serpents in Achaea's history include:

Notable Serpent organisations, past and present, include:

Abilities in Battlerage

Ability Description
Thrash Use your whip to open painful, bloody wounds.
Syntax: THRASH <syntax>
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 16.00 seconds
Resource: 14 rage

Expend your rage to whip the target bloody, causing intense damage.

Flagellate Sensitize your target's nerves.
Syntax: FLAGELLATE <target>
Gives affliction: Sensitivity
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 27.00 seconds
Resource: 25 rage

Sting your target's nerves with a series of light whip cracks, causing the target to suffer from sensitivity for a few seconds.

Throatrip Go for the jugular.
Syntax: THROATRIP <target>
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 23.00 seconds
Resource: 36 rage

Use your fangs in a display of sheer viciousness and rage as you rip your target's throat out.

Snare Trap your target in a tight grip.
Syntax: SNARE <target>
Uses affliction: Recklessness or Inhibit
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 23.00 seconds
Resource: 25 rage

Trip unsuspecting victims into your whip and strangle them, doing significantly increased damage to targets that are reckless or are not able to easily heal.

Obliviate Induce forgetfulness in your target.
Syntax: OBLIVIATE <target>
Gives affliction: Amnesia
Works on/against: Denizens
Cooldown: 41.00 seconds
Resource: 28 rage

Use a minor hypnosis technique to cause your target to forget what it was doing, giving it amnesia for a few seconds.