New Thera

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New Thera
Leader Angela, the Theran mayor
Discoverer Buttercup
Allies Ashtan
Enemies Vertan, Tir Murann

One of the oldest settlements of Sapience, Thera was a town that was once laid to rubble after Vertani Magelords rained fiery meteors upon it. It was renowned as the birthplace of Nicator and was a busy, prosperous town. In more recent years, the town of New Thera has been rebuilt from the ashes. It was discovered during the Mayaween celebrations starting in 463 AF that the ruins of Old Thera, complete with the undead villagers of Thera past, had been translocated to Griesly family manor.


The town of New Thera lies south of Ashtan, Seat of Chaos and north of the Black Forest. The Flame of Yggdrasil lies hidden to the west at the feet of the Northern Vashnars. Setting up shop in the shadow of the World Tree and just southwest of North of New Thera is Seasone, a Druid who helpfully refills various concoctions for adventurers. West of New Thera lies a mansion belonging to a woman known as Maim de Vermiis, who longs to have her dearly departed nephew Patrick with her once more. A ways east of Thera is the archway to the newbie area of Minia and Vellis, the butterfly collector.


While the crossroads north of Thera had been a popular meeting place for many years into the Modern Age, the village of Thera itself was not explored by modern adventurers until 209 AF.

In the year 263 AF, the city-state of Ashtan began to look to her southern neighbor for annexation. The Sentinels Guild was one of the few guilds to pledge its support of a free Thera. It should be noted that though Ashtan may have attempted to annex the town, they have remained allies, before and since.

In the year 385 AF, Vertani Magelords rained fiery meteors down upon Thera in a fit of retaliation for recent attacks against them, instantly burning the town to the ground and annihilating everyone within its confines. The only survivor was Enfrin, the woodcutter, whose abode dwells closer to the Black Forest and was thus spared by the meteors that bombarded Thera.

On Mayan, 396 AF, the first public library, the Lucretian Athenaeum, opened in the ruins of eastern Thera.

In the year 446 AF, shortly after the death of Lord Makarta of the Ivory Mark, it was discovered that the Quisalis Mark had begun construction of a network of caves inhabited by termites beneath the Theran cemetery.





Though some signs of its previous ruin remain, New Thera is a hub of activity, proudly claiming to house Sapience's most extensive library. The Ace of Spades Casino, like the library, is located on Summer Street and the Wander Inn is just a bit further south on Winter Way.

Though the denizens of new Thera do not like to reminisce about the past, a fountain in the centre of the town stands as a memorial to what once was and several former residents are buried in the town cemetery including Ariel, the town's former mayor.