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Meropis, the lost sister continent of Sapience, is located in the southern Notic Ocean. Discovered during the Year 500 shiprace, this giant landmass was split from Sapience long ago and lost to modern memory. Captain Zulah of The Krait and his shipmate Balynne Lokelinde Le'Murzen were the first Sapients to set foot upon its shores.

The continent of Meropis is bisected from north to south by the Vasnari mountain range, within which both the Mirror Caves and the mines of Iskadar may be found, and the highest known point of the land is the volcanic peak known as Mount Azedh. On its northwest shores can be seen the northern scrublands where River Mnemosyne terminates and various duchies and principalities that survived the breaking of continents are still ruled by petty lords and chieftains. Further south, the deep bog of Grukai can be made out through the mountaintops. The disintegrating Imperial Road, Coastal and Aurulent highways fan north and eastwards through the Atrousian Jungle from the ruins of the historic Seleucar capital in the west, the ruins themselves barred to deeper exploration. Much of the south Meropian coast is unexplored; travel is hindered by stormy seas and impassably deep canyons which sunder the continent from the central mountains to the eastern sea.

During the month of Glacian, 506 AF, coastal storms triggered an avalanche in the northern Vasnaris, clearing the way for foot traffic to the Sarave Foothills and the vast Daoric Plains to the east. Nearly one hundred years would pass before the discovery of Nicator's Crossing and the revealing of the continent's interior by intrepid rangers of the Fellowship of Explorers.