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Leader Tu'liak, Chieftain of Shala-Khulia (Khulians); Mixtali, chieftain of the Khish (Khish)
Religion The jaguar spirit of Shala-Khulia
Discoverer Garth Jaydde-Stormcrow
Enemies Amphites, the Polemarch
Exports incense


Shala-Khulia is a jungle island that was rediscovered in the Modern Age by Garth Jaydde-Stormcrow. Home to a primitive civilisation that has inhabited the area since before the time of formal record-keeping, the jungle is linked to the forest of Rheodad on the Ishana Peninsula atop northern Sapience through a strange curse.

Under the watchful rule of King Martin the Wise, Shala-Khulia was settled c. 1000 BF as a strategic outpost to serve Ashtan in the ongoing Ashtan-Shallam Wars. The northern isle was stripped of jungle growth and a city was built in its place at the foot of the Shala Mountains. Repeated skirmishes between the island's native groups and Ashtani soldiers forced a retreat, however, and the Khulians eventually moved into the structures that Ashtan had left behind.

From 490 AF—507 AF, Shala-Khulia was host to a series of devastating battles between Oakstone and Mhaldor that came to be known as the Crimson Wars. The resulting rebellions led to the overthrow of Chieftain Da'an, a coup headed by the rebel leader Tu'liak on Phaestian 4, 491 AF. Tu'liak was crowned as the new head of the City of Shala-Khulia. Immediately following these events, the incarcerated Da'an was sacrificed atop the Khulian temple.


Shala-Khulia is located in the southwestern ocean south of Polyargos, off the coast of the Aalen Forest. It is accessible by a ferry located near the Aalen Forest manned by Nolan and by a ferry located on the island of Polyargos manned by Nate. The island contains three distinct areas: the Shala-Khulia city inhabited by native tribesmen, the Shala-Khulian jungle, and a series of caves within the jungle inhabited by a strange cave people known as the Khish. The Khulia Causeway connects the city to the rest of the jungle. The Khulia River is a popular fishing spot for adventurers wishing to escape the bulk of the explorers on the main continent of Sapience. To return to the Aalen Forest, one must take the ferry from Shala-Khulia, manned by Natalie.



The inhabitants are divided between the Shala-Khulia city, where the island natives reside, and the caves that house the Khish tribe. Inside the city, one can find Tajira's tent and the Great Temple. Inside the caves, areas for washing, gathering, and sleeping can be found, as well as a mushroom garden and a family of bears. The jungle is home to exotic animals such as katydids, frogs, and okapi.


Tajira, the seamstress, sells clothing inside a large tent within the Shala-Khulia city.


  1. Bronze pyre, burnished and engraved with the image of a jaguar
  2. Pillar of Eternity
  3. Jungle