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The House Renaissance was a broad renewal of Great Houses in the mid-7th century which began amid waves of catastrophe, magic, and war, devastating the old Houses. New Houses rose from the debris, beacons of clarified vision and refocused paradigm for these organisations. The adventurer reformers which founded the new Houses each established more cohesive, symbolic relationships between their organisations and their respective cities. While each new house embraced a unique identity, their foundations exemplified their respective city's ideas as a whole.

Ashtan's House Renaissance

The Ashtan renaissance followed a war against Emperor Golgotha, a struggle which resulted in the calculated decimation of the Bastion's Great Houses in 691 AF. After the fall of the Emperor an alliance formed between the Ashtan and court of the Chaos Plane, with revised Houses — the Nemesian Vanguard, the Savants of the Wheel, and the Esoteric Consortium — springing up to support the new paradigm.

Cyrene's House Renaissance

This city's House renaissance began with the discovery of the Scroll of the Withered Tree in 656 AF, and ended with the rise of the Discurean Outriders, Vashnarian Shield, and the Virtuosi houses.

Eleusis's House Renaissance

The House estates of Eleusis collapsed in the divine forestal cleansing ritual which banished the Ventos Allegos. One month later, Gaia and Artemis announced the convening of two new Houses: the Scions of the Ithmia, who would have Nature's influence spread throughout the known world, and the Heartwood Kin, who tend to the very roots of all that Nature is.

Hashan's House Renaissance

The renovation of the Houses of Hashan was a culmination of blue fog-obscured circumstances involving the discovery of the enigmatic Wellspring, which projected the city skyward and splintered its final House estates in 688 AF, an event which would later be called the Sundering of the Crown. The discovery of the heretofore unnoticed magical mystery spurred the organisation of two new Houses dedicated to its investigation and defence a year later, the Somatikos and the Krymenian Academy.

Mhaldor's House Renaissance

An outbreak of demonic transplanar rifts struck the spires of Baelgrim Fortress in 668 AF, oozing viscid black liquid and entrapping adventurer and denizen alike. The members of the Blood Congregation, Maldaathi, Naga, and Ebon Fist agreed to evacuate the towers and close them forever thenceforth. Planning commenced at a furious pace and within months, Mhaldor regrouped, forming two nascent houses: The Dread Legates and the Insidium.