Keep of Belladona

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This page is about the fortress. For other uses, please see Belladona (disambiguation).
Belladona's Keep
Leader Belladona

Upon an island in the mist-shrouded waters of Lake Belladona north of Hashan, the formidable fortress known as the Keep of Belladona can be found amid the swampy fens and forest of the Northern Plains. Within dwells the undead vampiress Belladona, guarded by her faithful black dragon, Geh'shya.

Upon the lake are marsh vipers and apparitions, while just inside the castle gates roam undead spectral guardians. Those who do not watch their step may find themselves in the sewers of the Keep, where giant toads, leeches, and a particularly nasty crocodile await.

Much of Belladona's guard is made up of two-headed ogres and vicious hell-hounds, led by the sergeant Grothgar. Near their barracks lies the grisly kitchen under the command of the ogress Helf'ga. The prison cells are guarded by Grollum, a fearsome steel golem modelled after a Troll.

Within the court of Belladona are a variety of well-dressed courtiers, guarded by bull-headed minotaurs and served by imps. Closer to her bedchambers are her favourites: the handmaidens Ephesia, Eritrea, Malorea, and Minoria, who are looked after by Derryk, the Eunuch.


Other various residents and captives of the Keep:

  • Belladona, Queen of Vampires
  • Belladona, the Demon Whore
  • Cosmina, the Saint
  • Derryk, the Eunuch
  • Ephesia, Handmaiden of Belladona
  • Eritrea, Handmaiden of Belladona
  • Geh'shya, the Black Dragon
  • Glixx, the Mutant
  • Gloom, the Occultist
  • Grollum, the Sentinel
  • Grothgar, the Ogre Sergeant
  • Hecuba, the Witch of Darkness and Chaos
  • Helf'ga, the Ogress Cook
  • Malorea, Handmaiden of Belladona
  • Minoria, Handmaiden of Belladona
  • Mistandraxus, the Flame Drake
  • Naggamantex, the Torturer
  • Quel'zar, the Surgeon
  • Smirnick, a mhun Serpentlord
  • Smythe, the Dwarven Trainer
  • Sylvos, the Weak
  • Tara, the peasant
  • Tigrinya, the Librarian