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Realm Creation
Symbols The Black Boar, The Snowy Owl
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies None
Order Name None
Temples The Logosian Temple, in Saoghal Valley

Sarapis, the Logos is the original force behind all Creation. The inspiration for this was His desire to experience something other than oneness. Before this inspiration, all that was, was Ayar. To say that this state of affairs went on for a long time would be a misinterpretation, as would saying it went on for a short time. Since time is merely an element of creation, Sarapis transcends Time.

After taking up the mantle of Creator from Maya again in 613 AF, Sarapis willingly departed Creation to tend to the Fire Behind the Flame in the wake of the damage done to it by Bal'met.

Divine Symbols

His personal symbols include the Black Boar and the Snowy Owl.