The Artefact Sword Shop

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The Artefact Sword Shop is one of Merentesh's shops in Delos.

The following enhanced weapon artefacts are sold in this shop:

Artefact Price
a Dawnrender bastard sword 350cr
a Soulreaver bastard sword 800cr
a Dreadblade bastard sword 1600cr
a meteoric longsword 350cr
a vorpal sword 800cr
a Logosian longsword 1600cr
a blackened rapier 350cr
an Eagle's Scream 800cr
a Soulpiercer 1600cr
a Scimitar of Hawks 350cr
a Scimitar of Falcons 800cr
a Scimitar of Eagles 1600cr
a mithril broadsword 350cr
a vorpal broadsword 800cr
a Logosian Broadsword 1600cr