Chrysalis Basilica

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Headquarters of the Holy Church of Achaea, the marble Chrysalis Basilica was first constructed upon the isle of Delos, a small community springing up around it to serve it. It was here that the orders of Priests and Paladins were founded.

One of the earliest, and possibly most memorable, events in its history was the funeral of Nicator where Priests and Occultists, Serpents and Druids all stood side by side in peace, unified in their mourning. In the words of the architect Lantis DeGage: "It could have been the first and last time that the Basilica would ever be crammed with so diverse a group." [1]

Also notable was the Basilica's role as a haven for Delosian refugees during the Wars of Succession, though it did not stop the forces of Castomira Brangwin from seeking out and murdering the family of Damen Kephry. A secondary building was later constructed in Ashtan, the Minorus Basilica.

Modern Times

In modern times, the Church petitioned to Sarapis to move the basilica to northwestern Shallam. The first modern, formal wedding was held here in the year 196 AF in the Wedding Chamber of Maya between Changcoix and Morlana. Some years later, in 217 AF, the Goddess Aurora helped to organise a choir for orphans to join, overseen by Handel, the Choirmaster in the Chamber of Celestial Harmony.

Tragedy befell the basilica in 288 AF when it was destroyed in events surrounding the coming of Other and the Aetolian Saga. However, thanks to the efforts of the Gods Lorielan and Pentharian, the Chrysalis Basilica was rebuilt in 301 AF, the new floor plan larger and more airy than the first. Twin graceful towers—the western tower and Tower of the Luminai—flanked a gleaming nave which terminated in a gold-wreathed apse, the spiritual heart of the Church. It was here that the Holy Codex and later Codex of Light were ensconced upon a pillar of light. The Basilican Library nearby was a centre of learning for all of Shallam while the extensive Basilican gardens—dotted with fountains, paths, and a man-made lake—were made for contemplation of metaphysical matters.

The Chrysalis Basilica remained the stronghold of Good until Miraman 568 AF, when it was disintegrated by the Te'Serra Alliance preceding the formation of the crystalline Citadel of Light. The High Altar of Pasiphae was raised to upon the empty commemorate the first Rite of Passing, the altar itself later lost with the destruction of Shallam in 612 AF.