The Defensive Artefact Shop

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The Defensive Artefact Shop is located in Delos. Run by Merentesh, it sells artefacts which add or enhance active and passive defensive capabilities, impart concealment and security, or impart powerful alterations upon the user.

Artefact Price
a Shield of Absorption 800cr
a wand of reflection 800cr
a orb of suppression 800cr
a Shadowcloak 800cr
a prismatic lantern 800cr
a prismatic ring 600cr
a Shar'ilian lightspire 2000cr
a Lasallian lyre 500cr
a pair of buckawn's boots 800cr
a buckawn's amulet 800cr
a bracelet of sustenance 500cr
a miniature toolkit 500cr
a gem of cloaking 400cr
a ring of endurance 250cr
a shackle of Garash 600cr
a clasp of the animal spirit 1000cr
a staff of illusion 1000cr
a deathmask 1000cr
a mask of lifevision 500cr
a set of mithril spurs 1000cr
a ring of the Magus 700cr
Robes of the Magi 700cr
a glittering fishscale tunic 400cr
a Sash of Eternal Battle 800cr
goggles of whitesight 800cr
an incandescent sigil 250cr
a serpentine keyring 1000cr
a talisman of obfuscation 500cr
a Anake's Hood 400cr
a twitching-eye gem 250cr
a Bell of the Clarion Call 1000cr
a dagger of reincarnation 100cr
a Gem of Transmutation 1000cr
a Gem of Rapid Transmutation 2000cr
a Grimoire of Adaptation 1000cr
a Grimoire of Hasty Adaptation 2000cr
a Sailor's Decree 1000cr
a gilded page 100cr
a stone of the lesser lorewarden 1600cr
a chip of the lesser lorewarden 800cr
a shard of the lesser lorewarden 350cr