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Achaean artefacts are unique objects, most of which are sold by Merentesh in Delos and within the mines of Moghedu, that are generally of higher quality than most other wares. They are also nigh indestructible; due to this nature, the items in question are purchased with credits (or, in several unique cases, Mayan crowns), rather than gold currency. Early artefacts were publicly auctioned by Sarapis in the year 220 AF. The abilities of most common artefacts can be purchased and bestowed upon items that have been made resetting, through the Artefact Powers system.

Artifact Type Powers Credits
Mayan bracelet Stats Increase max health by 5% 350
a blackened rapier Bard Dmg: 57 To-hit: 168 Speed: 238 350
a wreath of lycopod vines Infernal
  • Restores additional essence from VIVISECT
  • Also returns some willpower and endurance upon a successful instakill.
a Talisman of Greater Cultivation Alchemist - A rare artefact from the Cauda Pavonis, increasing the health and

movement speed of an Alchemist's homunculus.

a band of fire Blademaster 5% increased speed/damage + artefact weapon 350
Adchachel's Lament Depthswalker Scythe - 10% increase 350
Rakia's flame Metamorph Wyvern Morph - - Increases the rate at which a Metamorph can SUMMON FLAME. 350
a prankster's blackjack Jester Dmg: 66 To-hit: 220 Speed: 220 350
a Sorcerer's Notebook Magi - Doubles the number of artificing schematics that a Magi can store

and apply to their golems.

Copper Knuckles Metamorph 10% increased Metam. damage 400
a karmic knot Occultist - Halves the time taken to summon chaos entities.

- This *does* apply to multiple summons at once.

an iron shoe Monk Shikudo 10% increase dmg (health & limb) + artefact weapon 300
an Odyssean mace Priest Dmg: 165 To-hit: 220 Speed: 220 350
a bronze hand mirror Psion - Boosts weaving damage by 10%.

- Does not boost unweave ticks.

a spiked steel spear Sentinel Dmg: 96 To-hit: 215 Speed: 200 350
a Defender's Trident Sentinel Dmg: 96 To-hit: 215 Speed: 200 350
a sylvan axe Sentinel Dmg: 96 To-hit: 198 Speed: 225 350
an assassin's dirk Serpent 8% faster DSTABs 350
an obsidian skull pendant Shaman - These artefacts extend the number of curses that SWIFTCURSE augments and

add one additional second per artefact level to the duration of JINX. (+2)

a wreath of golden leaves Sylvan - Restores additional sunlight energy from HEARTSEED

- Also returns some willpower and endurance upon a successful instakill.

an Orcsplitter Battleaxe Dual Cutting Dmg: 162 To-hit: 160 Speed: 151 350
a Scimitar of Hawks Dual Cutting Dmg: 56 To-hit: 168 Speed: 236 350
a Mutilator Flail Dual Blunt Dmg: 140 To-hit: 168 Speed: 168 350
a barbarian's morningstar Dual Blunt Dmg: 73 To-hit: 191 Speed: 212 350
a Dawnrender bastard sword 2-Handed Dmg 204 To-hit: 182 Speed: 136 350
a Stonesmith's maul 2-Handed Dmg: 186 To-hit: 170 Speed: 149 350
a Mithril Broadsword S&B Dmg: 154 To-hit: 168 Speed: 159 350
a meteoric longsword S&B Dmg: 121 To-hit: 168 Speed: 186 350
an insignia of mastery Weaponmastery Switch your Weaponmastery specialisation for free, every 24 hours. 350
a Cincture of the Devoted Paladin - Restores additional devotion from DAMNATION

- Also returns some willpower and endurance upon a successful instakill.