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Inks are pigments used in tattoos and the sketching of runes. They are often sold in city marketplaces and by the artists of Caer Witrin, though Yabbahar of Zanzibaar is known to sell a variety of inks made from exotic ingredients. Inks come in the following hues and usual prices:

  • Red - 10gp
  • Blue - 40gp
  • Yellow - 80gp
  • Green - 160gp
  • Purple - 250gp
  • Gold - 400gp

It should be noted that permanent tattoos need neither inks nor abilities in the skill of tattoos.

With the advent of the InkMilling miniskill, adventurers gained the capability to mill their own inks from reagents sold by Jingo in Delos, or collected using the Gathering miniskill introduced later.

In 486 AF, an array of artefact inkbrushes were sold at auction. Imbued with the colour of a specific ink, each brush allowed its owner to ink tattoos and sketch runes without need of inks for that hue.