The Miscellaneous Artefact Shop

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The Miscellaneous Artefact Shop is located in Delos. Run by Merentesh, the shop sells the following miscellaneous artefacts:

General Miscellaneous Artefacts

Name Price Details
Pair of ivory dice 50cr Roll dice and even run gambling rings
Prospero's Vaults 350cr, 500cr Increases rift capacity, comes in lesser and greater sizes
Collar of Lupus 250cr Preserves a loyal creature's life
Luxurious black top hat 25cr A container with a random twist
Box of stasis 750cr Preserves the life of some items
Taper of eternity 50cr Works in conjunction with a signet ring
Serpentine keyring 100cr Holds keys for locked doors to places like shops
gilded pike 150cr A boost to the traditional version
Bag of sharing 800cr Allows two friends to share items with each other

Artefacts to enhance class skills

Name Price Details
Ekanelian Jewel 350cr Assists with wormhole maintenance
Intellect Crown 500cr A nosy monk's best friend
Medallion of Enchantments 300cr Assists those with augmentation or conjuration
Loki's Tear amulet 250cr A boost for toxicologists
Gloves of Serendipity 250cr Offers random perks for jesters
Gloves of Harvesting 300cr Quicker collecting of plants and ingredients
Gloves of Extraction 300cr Quicker extracting of primes
Lupine Plinth 300cr A boost for grove users
Silver tuning fork 200cr Extends the life of harmonics and rites
Gold-inlaid mill 300cr More inks in less time
Bracers of the Phoenix 250cr Prolonged shin energy for blademasters
Runic Gauntlet 350cr A falconry glove for totem users
Restoration loops 250cr Wreath of lycopod vines, wreath of golden leaves, kaleidoscopic crown, and Cinture of the Devoted
Portable anvil 250cr Forging on the fly
Bands of Mind Distension 100cr, 300cr, and 500cr Increase a monk's maximum number of mindprints
Urn of Annwynian beeswax 200cr Stronger stonewalls
Golden cube 350cr Free props all around
Mouse baits 100cr, 300cr, 500cr Jesters can use cheese to fish for mice
Wax stick encased in mithril 300cr Sketch runes in watery spaces
Mighty butcher's cleaver 300cr Faster decimating of corpses for ingredients and
Rakia's flame 350cr For the fire-breathing metamorph
Golden pendulum 250cr Bisecting the travel time of a bard's harmonics
Talisman of Greater Cultivation 250cr Buff your homunculus

Artefacts that enable new abilities

Name Price Details
Ring of flying 400cr Soar through the skies
Pair of eagle's wings 800cr Flies to a room that works similar to portals
Pair of atavian wings 2000cr Flies to a room above eagle's wings
Wolverine's claws 500cr Burrowing for non-druids
Shadowcloak 800cr Shroud into the shadows
Gem of Transmutation 1000cr Change race on a monthly basis
Gem of Rapid Transmutation 2000cr Change race every two days
Staff of illusion 500cr Bring your imagination to life
Anklet of Dashing 500cr Move through several rooms at once
Dagger of reincarnation 100cr Use as a weapon (Damage 30, To-hit 150, Speed 150) or sacrifice yourself to become a new race
Mask of lifevision 500cr Sneaky adventurers can't hide from you
Wand of portals 800cr Open a portal between yourself and another (some condtions apply)
Vibrating stick 800cr Travel through wormholes like a serpent
Set of mithril spurs 500cr Use the swiftmount without the chivalry skill
Signet ring 50cr Seal letters with your heraldic arms
Quill of inscribing 250cr Scribe tarot cards more quickly
Prismatic lantern 350cr Halt, who stands on the other side of that portal?
Gilded page 100cr Reset your traits one time
Grimoire of Adaptation 1000cr Reset traits on a monthly basis
Grimoire of Hasty Adaptation 2000cr A hastier version of the Grimoire of Adaptation
Chitin greaves 500cr Explore at new leaps and bounds
Earrings of Sinope 800cr Magically travel to close friends
Lorewarden's stones 350cr, 800cr, 1600cr The shard of the lesser lorewarden, chip of the lesser lorewarden, and stone of the lesser lorewarden reduce the time between multiclass switches, but not quite as quickly as ingesting a ball of Seftonium.
Silver whistle 500cr Use the post office from wherever you please
Explorer's Tome 500cr Have you been here before?

Self-filling containers

Name Price Details
Clay flowerpot 200cr Periodically refills with flowers
Drinking horn 150cr Thirty sips of ale every day
Horn of plenty 250cr Enjoy six types of food - unless you customise it to create more
Decorative brass cigar box 100cr Produces one of six types of cigars per day
Wyvernskin tabac pouch with a brass clasp 100cr Regularly generates up to nine types of tabac
Painter's palette 450cr Refills with inks every day
Tradebooks 150cr Leather-bound tomes of tailored splendour, culinary delights, and schematic wonders hold patterns, recipes, and schematics, respectively
Satin-wrapped box of chocolates 200cr Who wouldn't enjoy a box that continually generates chocolate?

Artefacts that lend passive assistance

Name Price Details
Bracelet of sustenance 550cr Enjoy the benefits of Logosian without the grind
Robes of the Magi 1000cr Reduces mana cost in almost all situations requiring it
Sash of Eternal Battle 1000cr Reduces endurance cost in almost all situations requiring it
Armband of Celerity 500cr Allows quicker movement
Aldar Diadem 1200cr Reduces equilibrium recovery time
Aldar talisman 1200cr Reduces equilibrium recovery time
Deathmask 750cr Conceal your name from deathsight when taking out the other guy
Cane of the Quickening 300cr Walk as if your leg was not broken
Glittering fishscale tunic 400cr Explore underwater without dying to misadventure
Orb of suppression 500cr Hide most of your artefacts from snooping appraisers
Goggles of whitesight and Spectacles of whitesight 150cr See normally in blizzard conditions
Brooch of the Tempest 150cr Avoid suffering the effects of the wind while flying or sitting in tree branches
Talisman of obfuscation 500cr Reduces the effectiveness of lifevision