Cactus weed

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Growing wild in the Mhojave Desert, cactus weed was first discovered by a Serpentlord named Viper. It is a smoked herb that induces feelings of euphoria and hallucinations of giant, colourful smiley faces, and can be found growing within most any desert environment.

For years, weed was harvestable by anyone regardless of class. In the year 246 AF, after rampant overharvesting threatened to push weed past the brink of extinction, Gaia, the Goddess of Nature, forbade further growth of the plant to teach Sapience the value of such a gift. The following year, Sarapis decreed that the harvesting of weed would now be limited to those who possessed the Concoctions skill, and the herb began to flourish once more.

The cactus weed plant has small, jagged leaves that are streaked with red.