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Jewellery is a tradeskill that allows one to fashion decorative baubles from raw materials to wear and sell. Adventurers who wish to learn it must first purchase a jewellery permit from the Crafters Union headquarters in Delos. Jewellers' permits cost two hundred credits.

Six principle materials can be used in the making of jewellery: bone, steel, silver, gold, platinum, and leather. All pieces of jewellery can be crafted from the first five, but only certain items can be crafted from leather.

Firelash, firewall, and icewall enchantments may be added to rings crafted by a jeweller. Hearing enchantments may be added to crafted rings, while necklaces can be enchanted to allow comprehension of racial languages.

Jewellers are able to craft the following items:

Item Commodities Needed
Amulet 3
Anklet 1
Armband 1
Band 1
Bangle 2
Bar 1
Bracelet 2
Brooch 1
Cameo 2
Chain 1
Choker 2
Circlet 3
Clasp 3
Collar 1
Coronet 5
Crown 5
Cufflinks 1
Diadem 3
Earring 1
Hairclip 1
Haircomb 1
Hairpin 1
Hoop 1
Lipring 1
Locket 3
Medallion 1
Navelring 1
Necklace 3
Nipplering 1
Nosering 1
Pendant 3
Pin 1
Ring 1
Stud 1
Tiara 3
Toering 1
Torc 4

In the table above, italicized text signifies jewellery worn through a piercing. Bolded jewellery items offer leather-based designs in addition to the typical metal variants.

During design, any piece of jewellery may be set with gemstones which will incur an additional commodity cost in gems when crafting.