Fellowship of Scarlatti

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This page is about the council for fine arts. For other uses, please see Bards (disambiguation).

The Fellowship of Scarlatti is an organisation that sponsors works of excellence in the written and visual art fields. Its hall is located in Delos, as opposed to Cyrene or Caer Witrin. As such, it should be noted that the Fellowship is not linked in any official way to the religious Order of Scarlatti, nor is it linked to The Virtuosi, the House championing the Arts in Cyrene.

Sponsorship comes by way of a credit reward and a unique honours ranking (see below). Artists and writers are free to submit works within their field at will. Roughly every ninety Achaean months, the submissions from the previous ninety months are judged, with multiple credit prizes going out to the winner, runners-up, and merit winners.

Works recognised by the Fellowship are those that are distinctly Achaean. They may capture moments of Achaean culture, such as creatures, locations, or skills that stand out as uniquely Achaean. Generic representations of warriors or dungeons are not likely to catch the judges' eyes. Naming a city, House, or Guild is not enough. You must convince the judges that the work may be found in Achaea and nowhere else.

Works must also be original. The Fellowship, and indeed the very Gods themselves, frown upon plagiarism, and divine punishment is often the outcome of such shameful deception.


Bardic entries must

  1. Be original works (literature, history, poetry, or philosophy.)
  2. Be distinctly Achaean, within the proper mythology, culture, and worldview.

Artisanal entries must

  1. Be completely original artistic works, done by you only.
  2. Be distinctly Achaean.
  3. Not be collages.
  4. Cover any subject within that framework (history, portrait, map, etc)


Sponsorship is provided in the form of credit prizes. In addition, points are gained based on how high you place in the contests. For every four points, you gain a rank within the Fellowship. In addition to the credit prizes won, at every new rank you gain an additional one-time credit purse.

600 credits and 4 points
300 credits and 2 points
150 credits and 1 point
Artisanal Fellowship
# Rank Award
1 Associate 100 credits
2 Fellow 200 credits
3 Master 300 credits
4 Artisanal Master 400 credits
5 High Master 500 credits
6 Laureate 600 credits
7 High Laureate 700 credits

Those who score less than rank 1 but have points are ranked as "Apprentice" in the Fellowship.

Poems and songs written by members of the fellowship are performed in taverns and inns around Sapience by Lyaeus, the travelling bard.