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A festive holiday occuring every twenty-nine Achaean years, the prominence of the thornless rose constellation heralds the arrival of Logosmas. Logosmas is marked by a variety of decorations throughout the lands, from mistletoe and boughs of holly, to Logosmas trees and stockings for stuffing. Celebrants may also spin draydels and gamble using chocolate coinage. For the more combat-oriented, sharpened candy canes may be substituted for swords. These items are available for purchase from Merentesh, who has been stocking them seasonally since 235 AF. In the year 467 AF, however, these wares were moved to the Festivities Annex in New Thera, under the management of Merentesh's employee, Makesh. Logosmas is also when the Logosmas Shop opens for business, its artefact variants purchasable with silvery candycanes.

A Garden promotion in 555 A.F required adventurers to bring a predetermined number of presents to the HoHoHo Society's Logosmas tree in the town centre of New Thera. Those who successfully met the challenge received the prize of an artefact called a silver stocking. The halfling society has operated every Logosmas since then, offering small, limited-time quests and spreading seasonal cheer.

In the Logosmas of 876 AF the path to the hidden halfling village of Merrywick opened to the public in the mountains above Actar Valley, the home of the HoHoHo Society and their rivals.