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Phileo, the Combat Assocation Registrar, is an official representative of the Achaean Combat Association (ACA). Fighters seeking recognition as the best warriors in the land may register with him to engage in ranked combat spars at the Matsuhama Arena in Delos. Phileo also operates the Eagle's Perch, a shop adjacent to the arena which sells unique wares to combat victors. A band of thugs loyal to the former conman patrols the area, maintaining the peace of the spectator stands.


A former thug boss, Phileo first made his name as a leader of a criminal syndicate which attempted an economic takeover of Delos, charging protection fees on shops, design submissions, and even kidnapping the operators of the Duckie Wheel when they refused his extortion. After a meeting was agreed to, local denizens and not a few adventurers thronged to the island to ransom the operators and ascertain the motives of the previously unheard of hustler. Phileo ordered all attendees to surrender their arms at the door, ostensibly for peace. Prospero Himself intervened after the man tried to resell the weapons; it was the first sighting of the god in years. Against cries for the swindler's head, the Merchantlord ordered Phileo to repay his debt through service to Delos, an ideal punishment for the crimes against the town.