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Leader Nissandar, King of Riparium
Religion Neraeos
Allies The Divine Order of Neraeos


Enemies Mysia Ogalla

Riparium is an underwater kingdom in the Eastern Ocean and can be reached by taking the Eastern Road past Delos. There are two main parts to the area: a coral reef filled with abundant sea life including a dangerous kraken, and the city where the Merfolk reside.


Riparium was discovered in the year 278 AF after the eastern bridge of Delos was rebuilt and adventurers were able to travel through the wilderness.


The residents of Riparium are wary of visitors from above the surface of the ocean, called landwalkers or drylanders. The kingdom is ruled peacefully by Nissandar and his wife Takliea, though sickly prince Nishir resents his father's way of rule and hopes to take over the kingdom.


Visitors to Riparium will want to be sure and see the following sights:

  • A Marketplace run by the nixie Volandria. She stocks a variety of wares from food to souvenirs.
  • A specialised weapons shop owned by Khodos, the Arms Merchant.
  • The royal palace in the centre of the city.
  • The temple of Neraeos.
  • A sunken shipwreck in the coral reef.