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Scarlatti, The Great Bard
Realm The Arts
Symbols golden lyre
Relatives None
Allies None
Enemies None
Order Name Scarlattans
Temples The Temple of Scarlatti, Caer Witrin

Scarlatti, the Great Bard is many things: the Great Bard; the God of the Arts; the Lord of the Dance. Scarlatti is art in all its forms. Often the centre of attention, He privately dislikes crowds. He makes informal gatherings, sharing songs and tales that are as much a part of His realm as the most formal of classic works are. When creating art, Scarlatti chooses to work alone, letting nothing distract Him.

His teachings exemplify three precepts essential to Artistic mastery- Discipline (the lyre), symbolising technical excellence through practice and dedication; Imagination (the quill), with barbs on its calamus as numerous as an artist's ideas; and Passion (the palette), whose shades embody the range of mortal and Divine emotion.


Upon Selene's return to Achaea, Scarlatti found Himself falling head over heels for the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Before long, He had gifted Her with the snowy village of Caer Witrin and asked for Her hand in marriage. Selene accepted. The joy was short-lived, however, when the Goddess fell ill. Mithraea, Goddess of Healing, confirmed Scarlatti's worst fear: thanks to the nature of Her realm, Selene was unable to focus all Her love on any one person, even if that person was the Great Bard Himself, and thus left Scarlatti's love unrequited. Broken-hearted, Scarlatti left Achaea to avoid destroying that which He treasured most: the picturesque mountain town He gifted to Selene, which has since become a sentimental area for the enjoyment of mortals.

In year 581AF, hidden beneath the form of a dwarven bard, Ferenthal visited Cyrene with gifts of her Art to cheer Phaestus, then assisted several citizens in hosting a concert to lift His spirits as well. At the concert's end, Ferenthal, still in dwarven form, proceeded to show how she made her previous lightweavings for the gathered audience and gifted Phaestus one last present, a lightweaving of a snow leopard. In His appreciation He sought to make something in return, with audience help He created a unique mandolin from a cherry tree branch, exotic sea shells, and strands of unicorn hair received in trade with Rurin. When asked to play, He shook His head, then called to Lord Scarlatti, rousing Him from His long hiatus beyond mortal perception. After revealing His newest Muse, He celebrated His return with a song before taking His rightful place within His Temple once more.

The Scarlattans

Little is known about the devoted followers of Scarlatti.

Divine Symbols

The symbol of Lord Scarlatti is the golden lyre.