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Ophilia, the botanist, works in the Lyceum in Cyrene. She never hesitates to pause from her work to sell fresh-cut flowers to a customer.

Though she has not yet passed middle age, Ophilia's weatherworn and tanned skin has the appearance of old leather. She is quite cheerful however, suggesting that she isn't one to worry about appearances. Her long black hair hangs behind her in a loose, leather-fastened braid, and she wears a simple sack dress of tan-coloured wool streaked with dirt and grass stains. Her enormous leather knapsack is filled with scientific instruments and botanical specimens; occasionally, Ophilia will take a small journal from this sack and jot down a few notes in it, tucking it back away when she is finished.

She and Terane have a daughter, Lisia.

Ophilia's Wares

Grim-looking boutonniere - 450gp
Destined to adorn a fine suit or surcoat, this boutonniere is made up of a single black rose nestled in many thin looping ties of willow. The boutonniere, however, does not seem to darken its wearer's visage, instead seeming to stand proud in remembrance.
Edelweiss boutonniere - 450gp
Precariously hand picked from the Southern Vashnar mountains around Cyrene, this white perennial is relatively small but radiates white purity gathered in the small bouquet that makes up this boutonniere. Worn by soldiers throughout Sapience, it symbolizes the bravery, able-bodiness, and seriousness of the wearer.
Cyrenian iris boutonniere - 450gp
This elegant iris is vanilla-white, with gold speckles scattered throughout its slender petals. The perfect form of the flower radiates both class and style. Giving off a slight cinnamon scent, the boutonniere is the perfect addition to all formal attire.
Vashnarian snowdrop boutonniere - 450gp
This boutonniere is truly for the discerning Vashnarian gentleman. It consists of a rare Vashnarian snowdrop with six delicate, pure white petals fading into blue where they meet. Long, bright white stamens and pistil bloom up from the centre of this flower. A silver clasp has been fastened to the back of the blossom, allowing it to be worn on a dress jacket. It gives off a crisp, clear scent, reminiscent of sweet mountain air.
Blu mountain rose - 150gp
This delicate flower has silky soft petals of an oceanic blue, fading into snowy white as colour radiates outward towards the edges. Sky blue spots fleck their surface and mingle agreeably with the shades of sapphire. A curious mixed scent of rose and vanilla emanates from the flower, tickling your nose. The stem is long and smooth to the touch.
Vashnarian snowdrop - 150gp
The Vashnarian snowdrop is the rarest of mountain blossoms in the Vashnars. This specimen is gorgeous, with six pure white, delicate petals fading into blue where they meet. Long, bright white stamens and pistil bloom up from the centre of this flower. It is giving off a crisp, clear scent, reminiscent of sweet mountain air.
Cheerful minstrel violet - 150gp
This little flower has minute silky petals of a rich amethyst violet. Each petal is cut in the middle, bending down to form a tongue-like fold. As the Vashnarian winds caress this flower, it starts wavering and vibrating, producing clear, harmonious notes. During the summer whole fields of violet bloom, decking the mountains in marvelous colour and making them sing to the sky.
Bunch of tiny Traveller's Lights - 150gp
Jutting out from a long, arching stem, several bell-shaped flowers waver around at the slightest touch. Each flower is shaped like a tiny, elongated flute, adorned by a star-shaped crown of triangular, velvety petals. The petals are onyx black in colour but dotted with wispy specks of white, like stars in a wintertime night sky. Inside each fluted flower the colour brightens into a rich violet, violently contrasting with bright orange clusters of pollen hanging from thin studs, which resemble faint lamp lights in the dark.
Delicate Vashnarian bellflower - 150gp
This gorgeous and charming bell-shaped flower is checkered in a blend of delicious purples, from pinkish to plum, and white. The small green stem seems much too feeble to carry the blossom and is bent slightly.
Ice maiden bellflower - 150gp
Blooming only on the highest peaks of the Vashnars, this humble flower embodies the soul of long Cyrenian winters. Its stiff petals form a bell-shaped chalice of glittering silver. As the light touches their candid surface, a million reflections are cast all around by the thousands of minute crystal shards absorbed as the flower gently fed on mineral rich soil. Several hair-thin, clapper-like studs wave freely inside the crown, lightly bumping against the inner walls and producing faint but clear notes which expand, vibrating in the air.
Winter aster - 150gp
Unlike others of its species, this flower only survives in Cyrene's icy winters. Thick dark green leaves sprout from a surprisingly tender stem, long enough only to pop the flower's head above the snows. The petals are thickly clustered and stretch out to sharp points as though they were iced blades. They lie flat around a pure white center. Each petal is long and thin, very dark blue with a line of pale sky blue along the length of the middle.
Glacial white rose - 150gp
Each of the five snowy white petals of this stunning rose are soft and silky to the touch. A frosted blue colour decorates the center of each petal, adding a shimmer as you gaze at the flower. The long stem is a beautiful cobalt blue, devoid of thorns or other protrusions.
Simple mountain rose - 150gp
Soft and clear dew beads atop the delicate petals of this flower, texturizing their otherwise perfectly smooth texture. The rose is slightly peachier than white, so subtle the colour that it would seem pure white in failing light, a unique hue that marks it as being a hardier breed. The stem has been carefully cut and dethorned, coming to a sharply angled point at its end, transforming what was once the plant's defense into a fine place to hold the plant, place in a vase, or grip in one's teeth.
Dragonflower - 150gp
At first glance, this flower seems to glow as a living flame. Silken petals spring from a hardy stem, starting with an icy blue. As the petals rise into and soar above a wide bell, they take on a range of colours from clear orange to veins of scarlet. Each petal, staggered above the next, reaches a sharp point so that they seem to lick upwards as do tongues of flame.
Small daisy - 150gp
A small ray of sunshine, no matter the weather, this daisy is a happy little flower. Hailing from the fields of Cyrene, this flower is hardy and stands up throughout the snow-filled months. Many slender white petals branch out from a small yellow center. Large healthy leaves protrude from a long slender green stem.
Delicate diamond rose - 150gp
Crowning the end of a long bluish-green stem adorned with heart-shaped leaves, a delicate rosebud seems to be on the verge of blooming. Its petals are a faint icy white in colour, lined with a touch of platinum shine. Folding onto each other in a delicate spiral, they are as soft as silk to the touch and air thin, so that light actually shines through them, weaving the illusion of a flower carved from a pure diamond.
Shimmering red tulip - 150gp
As light reaches the tulip, its crystalline form builds upwards, giving off an air of translucence and dreams. The erotic edge of the flower is accentuated as your eye reaches its peak. The tulip's stark redness evokes the intensity that is true love, along with its pain and forevermore plight. And still, a subtle strength vibrates from it, causing it to never falter in the wind. It gently shimmers, and lets off a scented euphoria that kisses the nose and pleases the lips. The smell is strong yet subtle, recalling sweet memories of the past. Yet the stem remains rough, a reminder of the mortality of life and its pleasures.