Vashnarian Shield

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The Vashnarian Shield
Ascendant Esti Rian-Moonshadow
Triumvirs Raemond Starcaller, Krumm Starcaller
Patron Aegis, God of War
Leadership Style Triumvirate
Founder Kaden Vas'amaen-Ashaela
City Cyrene
Classes Permitted All
House Tutor Malaere
Heraldric Arms Per chevron Gules and Argent, a gauntlet clutching a gem
Icon None

The Vashnarian Shield

Charged with the safety and preservation of Cyrene, the Vashnarian Shield is a fellowship of warriors who, like the stalwart mountains that surround Cyrene, are unwavering in their dedication and unyielding in their defense of the city. Foremost in the mind of a member is ever the security of the city and those who are sheltered by her walls. They are bound by duty to defend against any threat to Cyrene, and are often the first to rush to the aid of their fellow citizens at the first sign of danger.

To ensure their readiness to meet this charge, members of the Shield continually push themselves to improve their skills in combat, working both in and out of the arena to test their mettle. Additionally, they take upon themselves the responsibility of ensuring all Cyrenians are capable of rallying to the city's defense. By training their peers in combat and furthering their martial education, they raise the city as a whole to a higher level of preparedness against those who would threaten their way of life.


The Shield was founded in Valnuary, 657 AF.

Political History

The Vashnarian Shield was founded by Kaden Vas'amaen-Ashaela alongside Triumvirs Lilian Xanatov-Nomathi and Friztic Xanatov. The House is governed by a triumvirate system.


657 AF - Lord Scarlatti became the first Patron of the Vashnarian Shield
684 AF - Lady Lorielan replaces Lord Scarlatti as Patron of the Vashnarian Shield
735 AF - Lord Aegis replaces Lady Lorielan as Patron of the Vashnarian Shield

Leadership - Shield Commanders

658 AF - Kaden Vas'amaen-Ashaela
678 AF - Kenway Straidhan
702 AF - Kandra Dawyn
732 AF - Draqoom Van Helsing
749 AF - Torben Crescent
751 AF - Bronislav Zviera
768 AF - Shirszae Nynniaw
800 AF - Keorin
858 AF - Janella
867 AF - Emiya Kindfire
871 AF - Liena Warrick
882 AF - Pani Kindfire
883 AF - Arthmael Vorondil
892 AF - Ereia Evenstar
894 AF - Esti Rian-Moonshadow

Leadership - Shieldlords

657 AF - Lilian and Friztic
665 AF - Kerria replaced Friztic
666 AF - Aerek replaced Lilian
676 AF - Kenway replaced Kerria
678 AF - Kandra replaced Kaden
709 AF - Hosko replaced Kenway
711 AF - Dochitha replaced Aerek
719 AF - Draqoom replaced Dochitha
733 AF - Bronislav replaced Kandra
733 AF - Daklore replaced Hosko
741 AF - Keorin replaced Daklore
745 AF - Torben replaced Bronislav
751 AF - Draqoom resigns as Shieldlord
751 AF - Bronislav elected as Shieldlord
758 AF - Shirszae replaced Torben
761 AF - Draqoom replaced Keorin
768 AF - Roselyn replaced Draqoom
768 AF - Bronislav resigns as Shieldlord
769 AF - Vika replaced Bronislav
775 AF - Keorin replaced Roselyn
784 AF - Vika resigns as Shieldlord
784 AF - Kaden elected as Shieldlord
800 AF - Keorin replaced Shirszae
858 AF - Janella replaced Keorin
858 AF - Emiya elected as Shieldlord
858 AF - Pani elected as Shieldlord
867 AF - Liena replaced Janella
882 AF - Arthmael replaced Liena
883 AF - Ereia replaced Emiya
885 AF - Kraxu replaced Pani
892 AF - Esti replaced Kraxu
893 AF - Raemond replaced Arthmael
895 AF - Krumm replaced Ereia

Icon History

No House Icon has ever been raised for this House.