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Sam the bartender lives in Ty Beirdd Manor, the estate of the House after which it is named. Quite the dapper figure, with his slicked hair and immaculate attire, Sam catered to House members with a wide variety of unique foods and tends to their bar. Now, after the Renaissance, he maintains his liquid refreshment offerings, along with the popular blue velvet cupcake.


a blue velvet cupcake - 105gp
Resting inside an edible wrapper of rice paper, this blue velvet cupcake emits the fruity scent of blueberries. The aroma blends with the tangy whiff of tequila in the fluffy white frosting that crowns this delicate treat in an appetizing swirl. Sugar candies in the shape of artistic symbols adorn the delectable dessert, representating the various arts of Ty Beirdd.
a sparkling bardic cocktail flute - 95gp
Reminiscent of the icy azure waters of Lake Muurn, blue tones run the length of this hand-blown glass flute, the aquatic hues cascading to crystal clarity at its rim. A generous helping of grenadine lines the bottom of a delightfully bubbling mixture of champagne and orange juice and adds a slight berry flavour to the effervescent citrus tang. The effect is a delicious evening drink redolent of the sun setting over the lake. A cluster of plump, cherry red snow berries hangs from the rim, further inviting a thirsty admirer to imbibe its contents.
a snifter of Lyricist Fizz champagne - 140gp
Rimming the top of this elegant snifter is a fading layer of silver plating. A very mild, softly blushing champagne marries well with a hint of clear rum to create a fizzing effect that sends ice floating atop the drink, the cubes clinking together with a sonorous sound against the inside of the unique container. The effervescing liquid repeatedly births tiny bubbles that push aside their cold neighbours and rise upward, only to pop melodically against the metallic rim of the glass. The liquid bursts with hints of lime and mint, a pair of the refreshing leaves crushed and drifting amongst the ice. Sweet coconut milk provides a smooth finish and masks the harsher flavours of the alcohol, tricking the senses about the liquor's strength.
a snifter of a rum based cure for writer's block - 155gp
Created from glass hand-blown by an expert craftsman, this generous snifter is nearly perfect in shape, from the narrow rim topping the bowl to the wide base at the bottom of the stem. Freshly squeezed orange and pineapple juices blend with flavoured rums that lend a taste of mango, passion fruit, and melon to the ingredients of writer's block cure.
an artist's palette of absinthe shots - 170gp
Equal servings of absinthe fill seven small shot glasses, each carefully positioned upon a wooden artist's palette. Progressing through the rainbow, the range of colours within the glasses begins with crimson on the left and violet on the far right. Paint splattered in random patterns onto the thin slice of wood lends a touch of authenticity to the tray, a thumb hole allowing it to rest upon the arm without spilling the drinks.
a shot of inspiration - 130gp
Meeting the high standard of Theran glassblowers, this small shot glass stands only a few inches in height. A beautiful gold treble clef is painted on one side, the metallic hue sparkling against the clear container. A fruity mix of apple, banana, and pineapple liqueur blends with a generous amount of vodka, resulting in a drink able to inspire even the dim artist.
a cup of dirty virgin bardlet - 85gp
Filled to the brim, this cup holds an effervescent magenta blend of sparkling grape and cranberry juices. The drink sending tiny bubbles into the air, where the empty spheres pop like disjointed thought processes. A slim wooden stick used to swizzle the liquid around rests against the side of the glass, olives skewered on its length trickling fresh juices into the drink. Confirming the drink's lack of alcohol, the word "VIRGIN" is stamped beneath the rim in plain red ink.
a mug of Concert Serenade - 150gp
Served in a mug of cobalt-hued ceramic, this drink is the perfect ending to a rough day, comfortable and warm to relax the senses. Steeped with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom, the spices lend a unique aromatic flavour to the profile of black leaf tea. Honey drizzled into the steaming brew joins the ingredients as a sweetener, a bit of milk tempers the seasonings, and a generous dash of brandy perfects the drink. Steam wafts through the thin layer of milk foam that tops the beverage; a small pinch of nutmeg dark against the creamy froth completes the presentation.