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Bruggio, the Blacksmith, works in the city of Cyrene. His daughter, Fantine, is a pretty little girl who often accompanies him as he works at the forge.

Bruggio's Wares

Magnificent Cyrenian shoulder scabbard - 800gp
Seasoned maple comprises the long, elegant body of this scabbard, the pale golden wood wicking away any moisture to guard a blade from rust and corrosion. A soft suede lining prevents any scratches that might occur from the hardwood body. These layers of protection are encased in fine, glazed leather dyed a rich shade of sapphire that matches the magnificent scales of Cyrene's own Blu. A stylised line drawing of the guardian dragon himself has been deeply embossed into the leather, curling sinuously around the length of the scabbard and inlaid with slender fillets of gold. His refined head lies a little above the tapered end, lips curled back to emit a lick of flame formed of gold-hued steel. The thin lines of his tail solidify into a slender cord of tawny gold covered in scales of blue enamel. Tiny flecks of blue topaz, sapphire, and aquamarine accent about a third of his scales, and a sparkling, large diamond serves as his great eye.
Sky blue shoulder scabbard etched with silver runes - 800gp
The leather from a Vashnarian ram has been carefully dyed a brilliant sky blue and worked until supple enough to form a scabbard. Etched in silver, runes of power, strength, and speed flare in a repeating pattern down along both sides, the shimmer of diamond dust carefully highlighting each and every rune. A hearty strap is attached to the top and bottom of the scabbard and is dyed white, with silver squares fitted along both sides, acting as a shining decoration.
Bejewelled blue leather scabbard - 1000gp
This scabbard is made from hardened leather dyed a deep blue colour, with a ring of sapphires encircling a large patch stitched directly into the material. Delineating a scene at Centre Crossing, with the Cyrenian Clocktower rising proudly into the sky from a mound of grass, everything depicted within is coated in a thin layer of frost. Blu, the Guardian Dragon, curls around the base of the edifice, peacefully napping as people walk past and some stop to gather around. The sky up above is represented by a field of bright topaz, with a circular-cut citrine gemstone inset to form the sun. Worn at the hip, the design of this scabbard allows the wearer to quickly and easily draw the sword cradled within its hardened leather shell.
Silver-trimmed beltloop - 450gp
Crafted from the finest Actar goat leather and dyed a sable colour, this beltloop is a high-quality regional item. Raw and rugged on the interior, the exterior contrasts in texture with a semi-glossy finish for use in casual or formal settings. Simplistic in function, the holder includes a loop intended for affixing to a belt, secured by a silver button embossed with a snowflake. Trimmed in sterling silver, the top edge of the weapon sheath depicts a Cyrenian cityscape as seem from a neighbouring mountain peak.
Wyrm hide baldric - 600gp
Fashioned from wyrm hide, this baldric is extremely durable. A double layered strap drapes over the shoulder and hugs the chest diagonally, fully adjustable with strategically placed buckles. The main support lies at a slight angle across the back, allowing the wearer to quickly reach over their shoulder to grasp the hilt of their weapon. An image of Blu, the Guardian Dragon of Cyrene has been branded into the main part of the baldric, while tiny shards of precious stones highlight his features. The left side of Blu is depicted in profile, his expression wrinkled in a snarl. His left arm reaches out and a piece of tempered steel, moulded into the shape of claws, grasps the weapon. At the bottom, Blu's tail emerges, coiling into a secure base.
Jewelled belthook of blued steel - 750gp
Painstakingly hammered into the shape of a dragon's talon, the graceful curve of this belthook is

exaggerated to hold a variety of tools or weapons. The blued steel carries swirling patterns and bands of slightly darker and lighter metal, evidence of the numerous times it has been folded to strengthen the talon from base to tip into a sturdy, reliable tool. The lengthened base curls elegantly backwards, tapering until it curls twice back on itself like a slender tail. This narrow ellipse slips comfortably onto the wearer's belt, the solid design ensuring that it will not easily be removed. A bold band of blue-dyed leather wraps around the outside section of the loop, edged with bronze and dramatically embossed with the great clock tower of Cyrene, the deep lines filled with gold enamel and accented with tiny semiprecious stones.

Blackened steel scabbard - 750gp
Heated and folded countless times, choice Vashnarian steel shapes this regal scabbard. Fire-blackened to perfection, the dark finish emphasises the intricate pattern of watered steel stretching from throat to chape. Softened with a rich, golden velvet, the heart of the scabbard cradles its blade, protecting it from damage and rust.
Silver-banded scabbard - 850gp
Hand-beaten bands of silver wrap around the body of this sturdy side scabbard. Each muted strip carefully hammered and placed three fingers away from the last, the top and bottom edges rest flush against the leather. The scabbard itself has been made from pale doeskin, worked and dyed by Cyrenian craftsmen to a smooth, uniform grey. A buckled band at the top allows one to attach the sheath to a belt or trousers, insuring an easy draw of a weapon at the hip.
Elegantly carved azure and white sheath - 500gp
White pine, treated to a pristine snowy colour, forms the body of this wide sheath. A frosty mountain lake scene rises in carved relief across the wood. An azure stain, carefully applied to both ends and fading to white through the centre, gives life to the brilliant sky and deep waters. Polished silver reinforces the top edge. Through the runner slides a supple white leather belt. Fastening the band, a blued steel dragon's head lies in profile, a glittering citrine eye watching vigilantly.
Steel chain backstrap - 500gp
Sewn onto a backing of black leather, links of blued steel form a sturdy chain along a backstrap designed to be worn diagonally from shoulder to hip. Contrasting sharply with the dark alloy, silver-etched whorls and loops trace an erratic and endless pattern around each individual link. Blackened steel hooks fasten securely to the chain and may be detached at will, allowing for easy adjustment to the size of the owner's shield.