Dancing Boar Inn

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The Dancing Boar Inn is located in the city of Cyrene. A small gallery of arts is located on the first floor. Also on the first floor, Merindia, the blackjack attendant, and Tatalia, the roulette attendant, patiently wait for gambling customers.

A wooden stairway leads to the main floor of the tavern, which is the setting for the annual New Year's Concert hosted by Ty Beirdd. From the main floor guests may visit a taproom, Cipriano's kitchen, and a dining room where Dianthe, the serving girl sells a selection of foods local to the city.

Overnight guests may wish to visit the receptionist to the east of the main floor of the tavern. From the reception desk, they may go up the stairwell to the third floor where an upper hall leads to rooms provide basic accomodations in beautifully decorated rooms.

Dianthe's Menu

Boerek - 125gp
This tasty appetiser is a sheet of phylo dough wrapped in a triangular shape around an herbed goat cheese filling, brushed with butter and baked golden brown.
Stuffed Grape Leaf - 75gp
A tender grape leaf has been neatly wrapped around a tasty combination of rice and seasoned goat meat and cooked to perfection.
Red Wine - 50gp
Though functional, this wine glass is made for tavern use rather than the King's table.