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Sirens are no stranger to darker magics.

The seductive and beguiling Siren is a common sight in Achaea. Exclusively female, this race of beautiful women has had its members spilling out of bodices, throwing sultry glances, and breaking hearts (though there are notable exceptions to the stereotype) since 287 AF, when some random adventurers were first turned into Sirens by Varian during the Aetolian Saga. Like satyrs, children born of a siren may be either a siren or the race of the father.

Similar in most ways to humans, sirens' unblemished skin, luxurious hair, and captivating eyes can range in hue from very dark to very pale, and anything in between. Most often they possess a voluptuous body, heavy-lidded eyes, and full or pouty lips, but as the idea of beauty varies from place to place, so does the range of features become more varied than any of the other mortal races.

Non-Sirens wishing to to speak the racial language may learn how from the lovely Rowena.

Racial Specialisations

Specialisation Str Dex Con Int
Unspecialised 11 12 12 13
Fury 13 12 12 12
Enticer 11 14 11 13
Guardian 11 11 14 13
Sorceress 10 12 12 15

Racial Skills

The Vixens have:

  • Resistant to POISON damage.
  • Have the ability to SEDUCE and BEGUILE.