Blu's Den of Delights

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Blu's Den of Delights is a gift shop in the city of Cyrene. Fredericia tends the shop, which sells local gifts unique to the city.


Full descriptions of items can be seen by visiting the shop in Cyrene.


Bejewelled Cyrenian scabbard - 750gp
Decorated to reflect the warmth of the citizens of Cyrene and the richness bestowed by Prospero during his tenure as city Patron.
Pouch of shimmering blue silk - 2500gp
Crafted from silk in bright blues and greens like those found in Lake Muurn, with a lighthouse formed on the fabric with brown and gray thread.
Bejewelled blue leather scabbard - 650gp
Made from hardened leather dyed blue, with a ring of sapphires encircling a patch stitched into the material depicting a scene from Centre Crossing.
Snow white embroidered gift bag - 100gp
Embroidered on one side is an image of a blue dragon standing against a range of snow covered mountains.
Decorated crystal vase - 3725gp
Created from crystal shards, this vase is elegant and meant to hold a single flower.
Elaborate jewellery box - 4000gp
Details carved into the lid depict a marine shore and a waterfall. Inside, the box is laced with dark red velvet and divided into several smaller compartments for sorting.


Adorable, stuffed bunny - 400gp
Realistic snow white fur and big, black eyes over a cute button nose make this perfect for cuddling.
Balaia plush - 2000gp
Velvet-like cotton similar in appearance to the fur of its namesake makes this plush toy perfect for snuggling; it even doubles as a pillow!
Stuffed wolf - 700gp
A realistic toy resembling Luka, a loyal of the Arcanists House.


Wooden falcon statuette - 1500gp
Carved from a smooth piece of wood into the graceful form of a perched falcon.
Sapphire model of Blu - 5000gp
A model of the city's guardian carved from a single piece of sapphire.
Cyrenian snowglobe - 2000gp
The city of the Vashnars caught in minute detail in a glass globe. When shaken, "snow" inside the globe appears to fall over the city.
Snowflake cloak clasp - 1500gp
Made from the finest silver and fashioned to resemble a snowflake, this clasp makes a perfect gift or souvenir.
Magnificent falconry glove - 500gp
Polished black leather stitched with golden thread and a noble phrase embroidered over the wrist in silver.


Heart-shaped box of chocolates - 300gp
This elegant box has a scalloped edge with a hand-painted snowdrop flower on the lid. Inside, chocolates are arranged in gold foil.